Albany Capital District EV Drivers


Excellent thanks Captain!

P.S. I stopped by Nemith today and said hello to Steve and Chris. They were the only two left there that I knew from the 90’s.


You’ve driven two of them? What other area dealer besides Keeler ever had one?


All in good fun, I’d love to race against a LEAF at LVD one Wednesday night. That would be a first! :smiley:


Yea he told me because I brought you up! I was on a road test


I handle vehicles that go anywheres from NJ–>Syracuse–>RI,MA,CT,NH,VT… Don’t remember where the other one was going. It was white, there was also another blue one that I did not handle. Also not sure where that one went.


Holy cow, no sooner do I say that and the next thing I read was this article: Nismo Offers To ‘Chip’ Your Leaf Electric Car For Better Performance

No fair! :smiley:


Sorry I missed you!


:slight_smile: Nissan FTW!


Meet Harry Bilodeau and his wife. This is their Tesla Model S. This one is the P85 model, which means range is not an issue, as they can go 265 miles on a charge. The “85” stands for the big 85 kilowatt battery. Zero to 60 on 4.4 sec. This is the American designed and produced car that has outsold all other premium luxury sedans so far this year. Tesla sold 4,750 of the Model S during the last quarter. That’s more than the 3,077 Mercedes S-Classes, 2,338 BMW 7-series, and 1,462 Audi A8s.

Under the hood is a decent size trunk! [Sorry for the overexposed picture.]

The undercarriage is very slick. The Model S has the lowest coefficient of drag of any current production car.


I’d like to welcome our newest member, Glenn from Hagaman [near Amsterdam] NY. He’s been a Chevrolet Volt owner for about a year now and just purchased this new Mitsubishi i-Miev last month and has 1,200 miles on it already.

His got his 2012 Volt last year in May and has 15,000 miles on it so far, in which 13,800 miles are all electric miles. So between his wife and himself they tradeoff between the Volt and MiEV for most of their driving. Their Chevy pickup truck stays home unless something needs to be hauled.


The Capital District Fit EV count will go up by one this week as Keeler Honda readies their second unit for delivery on Monday, July 8th. I hope the new owner joins our group and introduces him/her self. Of the 1,100 scheduled to be built, this one is #394. Mine was their first one [#324] and was delivered on June 4th. I’m at 800 all electric miles so far.


I love those teslas… Mike, how long does it take to charge your fit? and what kind of range do you see? I’m sure you try to squeeze as many miles out of a charge as possible.


The Fit EV takes 3 hours to charge from empty. I get between 80 - 90 miles out of a charge. I’m sure I could get over 100 if I really tried [other people have]. Of course it will be less in the winter, but I’m not worried as my commute to work is only 22 miles.


I had 11 EV Fits come through work last Wednesday, all blue in color. I actually drove the one that went to Keeler. $37k for a Honda Fit seems pretty steep though :confused:


saw a model S on I90 yesterday. Had washington state plates.

Waiting for FCEVs to come around. I’m pretty sure my boss would let me fill it up for free at work :smiley:


$37k is before any government rebates, manufacturer rebates, and discounts.

I’m pretty sure the discount on EVs are around $7,500 from the government so you’re looking at getting $10k off prolly.


Id much rather pay for gas every week and have some satisfaction while driving. The fit is so hideous looking, no offense but its possibly the ugliest car since the Prius.


I must admit, I love Fits (more so the GD3) the newer ones are kinda blah but the EV is just UGLY…

Mike I believe I saw you on Broadway last friday in your fit around 4pM, first time I’ve seen one in person… much uglier IRL im afraid to say, but cool cars none the less


Yeah I don’t like the new body style either. Loved the GD3 though. I feel like if you painted pink dots on a new blue fit it would look like an Easter egg.


Mike I have to ask. Any plans for trying to make it more efficient? I feel like there has to be ways to create less drain on the system, maybe disabling the electronic Power steering or something.