Albany Capital District EV Drivers


The price of the car doesn’t really matter as they aren’t for sale. All 1,100 Fit EV’s are available as a three year lease, with no option to buy at the end. They are “compliance cars” to satisfy the California Zero emissions laws. It is assumed that Honda will evaluate and then crush them so they don’t have to produce and stock repair parts for them for ten years.


No offense taken. I actually get a lot of driving satisfaction with my EV. I’ve done practically everything else, including 20 years of drag racing [stockers through alcohol dragsters], ovals [Lebanon Valley and Malta], SCCA rallycross, AMEC ice racing, F.A.S.T. class muscle cars, hillclimbs, etc. As exciting as some racing is, I get bored with after a while so I move on. I’m having fun with the EV’s right now. :smiley:


These things are pretty efficient out of the box, but yes I’m always looking for more.

Pulled the fuse for the DRL’s, high tire pressures, delete pass mirror. I can’t talk about other things I might do here as it’s a lease. :wink:


Totally understandable. I got rid of a very un practical vehicle for a unpractical vehicle.

I’m not one to talk.


but your grandpa car can fit a set of golf clubs in the trunk just fine


Should’ve gotten a LEAF. As long as you return it in the condition you began with (aside from wear/tear of course), no one cares. =)

We’ve had people put in window tint, HIDs, etc… on leases and as long as they’re removed before it’s turned in, everything’s all set. I put HIDs in my leased Altima.


The Mitsubishi i-Miev belongs to RPI and I snapped this picture yesterday at the new RPI Field House Chargepoint station [which became operation on May 18th.]

It actually might have been the first time two EV’s charged at the same time in Troy! :smiley:


are all of the charge stations free as of now?



The ones they have at the Price Chopper in Mohawk Commons you have to pay. At least that’s what I got from reading the thing on the station when I saw it and checked it out.


I haven’t been to any yet, that weren’t free. I’ll have to see if the ones k20 mentioned are free or not, when I get out that way.

What does the license plate above mean please? V for Volt maybe? What’s IR stand for?


It’s Ohms law. Voltage = Current*Resistance




1920 paper by Steinmetz on the electric car…


i raced ev cars at lime rock. nothing this cool tho. i want a street ev car with a huge capacitor to scare my friends. instant torque

what happened to the off road compact car adventure club?


also team warp speed has a qucik ev drag car with a slient burnout

[ame=“”]Team WarpSpeed EV MotorSports - Warp Factor II 2011 - YouTube[/ame]


I’ll be going back to Lebanon Valley Dragway tomorrow night [Wed] to my to lower my ET and speed records. Any one out there with an EV that wants to come out for some fun? Just $20 and no helmet required.

Heck, bring your Prius and Insights as well. The Fit EV takes all comers.


Ill be there, in my gas guzzler 4 banger though.


Mike Kamm wrote:

Well I decided to check the 1/4 mile performance of my Fit EV.

Run 1: 16.468 sec. @ 83.47 mph.

Run 2: 16.465 sec. @ 83.62 mph.

I am quite happy and unless someone on the Fit EV forums betters those times, I don’t plan to try to improve on it.

Although no one with a Fit EV has challenged my times, I decided to go out again and put the record a little further out of reach of whomever may try. :smiley:
Huge thanks to David Traver Adolphus for the photo!

I tried a few different driving techniques this time. Turned off the traction control - no difference. Tried to power brake it, the car would not allow it. If you have your foot on the brake and accelerator [notice I didn’t say “gas” pedal] at the same time you simply don’t move.

Run 1: 16.33 @ 84.20

Run 2: 16.31 @ 84.46

Run 3: 16.32 @ 84.57

Run 4: 16.32 @ 84.76

Interestingly, the car kept going faster every run. Perhaps not what you would expect from a battery electric, but these things aren’t designed to use all of the battery’s power at once. So it really doesn’t matter if you’re fully charged or halfway, etc. There was about a 1 hour delay between passes. I wish I could make back to back runs to see if it would change anything.


Nice. Is the Fit EV technically Drive By Wire? I know the accelerator pedal in the DBW Acuras/Hondas ‘learns’ and numbs the throttle response to help gain Mpgs. So making those multiple runs, it was giving you a bit more. I try to reset mine once a month or when I goto the track. Or could be that it uses brakes to charge in part right? So your giving it a decent charge slowing from the run, after each one, might account for something more so than the DBW junk. Heres the procedure if you want to try it.

Key to On
Hold Accel Pedal Down
Wait 5-10 Seconds
Key Off
Pedal Up