Albany Capital District EV Drivers


Yes it’s drive by wire and it does have brake regen. It pins the charging needle when I’m slowing down on the top end. Thanks for the insight about the pedal “learning”. I will clear it next time out. :slight_smile:



That would make for one sweet bracket racing car for how consistent it is


I took my first ‘out of range’ trip with my Fit EV Saturday to a family picnic in Parsippany, NJ. It was 170 miles each way from home. I wanted my father to see and drive an EV for the first time. I stopped once to recharge and then completed the remainder of the trip to Parsippany. Afterwards, I drove over to NJ Electric Auto Association member Tom Moloughney’s Nauna’s Bella Casa restaurant in Montclair, NJ where he has two complimentary level 2 charges for customers [and his pizza is excellent too!]. It was a long day but a satisfying one. I traveled 340 miles for the day.


Great info. I plan to pay my truck off in a year or so. I’ll see what kind of deals are around then. I commute 8 miles round trip to work and have 100 amp service to my garage, so I think this is something I might consider in near distant future…


The Albany Capital District EV Driver’s Group will be having their first meet up on National Plug-in Day, Sunday September 29th, at Guptill’s Arena. I volunteered to be our region’s ‘City Captain’ and started planning the event a couple of weeks ago. In anticipation of guests who will surely be asking me if there’s anywhere to charge, I have contacted Nemith Nissan [1.1 miles south] and have been granted permission for us to use both of their level 2 chargers for the day. They will bring a Leaf out for test drives as well. I will also check to see if Guptill’s has any 110v outlets that we can use for trickle charging.

Confirmed dealers bringing EV’s for test drives [to date]:

Nemith Nissan, Leaf SV
Latham Smart Center, Smart ED [Electric Drive]
Destination Nissan, 2 to 3 Nissan Leafs [all trim levels]
Keeler Honda, Fit EV and Accord Plug-in Hybrid

There will be members of the Albany Capital District EV Driver’s Group on hand who may also be demonstrating their private EV’s as well. Al Smith has offered to do so with his brand new Tesla Model S!

The Guptill’s facility has a huge fully paved lot that hosts car shows of over 500 vehicles, so space is not a problem. They also have a locally famous outdoor ice cream stand [Guptill’s Coney Express] on the premises with lunch available as well [pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries etc.] There is fun for the whole family, as their giant indoor roller skating arena is the largest in the US.

Hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Link to event page:

C’mon out and join us!



Very cool, Mike. Thanks for posting. I’ll put this on the calendar! Need to learn more about this vehicles because they interest the hell outta me!


Glad to hear it Oppie. This will be a perfect opportunity to learn about EV’s.

Where’s “whitetrashville”? :smiley:


They say the Tesla Model S can run the quarter mile on only $0.06 worth of electricity, making it the most affordable drag racer ever. Even more astonishing when you consider that it runs a better time than the new Viper SRT and the BMW M5. Can you think of a better way to spend 6 cents?


Here are some pics of the lawn signs and the 8’ banner that I laid out and ordered this morning.


More and more registrations are rolling in as we get closer to the event. The owners have sent me these pictures of their rides.


i saw 3 ev honda’s in waterford near the post office.

one blue one is always parked there during the day


Thanks for letting me know pitman. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing only the blue one is an EV, because they only come in blue. I’ll check it out though!



Here’s an update on the upcoming Capital District EV Driver’s Group event at Guptill’s on the 29th.

The event link is here: National Plug-in Day EV car event

Electric Vehicles registered so far:

4 Nissan LEAF
3 Honda Fit EV
3 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive
2 Tesla Model S
2 Chevrolet Volt
1 Mitsubishi i
1 Ford Fusion Energi
1 Honda Accord Plug-In
1 Ford Focus Electric
1 Harley Davidson EV conversion motorcycle

New things are coming together every day now. Now we’re going to have electric RC cars races as well. We have mini orange pylons to set up a course. We’ll have EV music playing, ice cream, EV test drives, and EV parade, and group photo shoot. I have solar equipment venders coming, and charging station vender displays as well.

Heck, it’s not out of the question that we’ll have some “Electric Slide” line dancing going on too. :slight_smile:


saw this on flipboard app yesterday. pretty cool that they interviewed you.


Thanks for the link. That was a fun read and a fun evening at Lebanon Valley Dragway.

Attention all electric RC car and truck people reading this thread: If you’re coming to the EV event at Guptill’s on Sunday the 29th, bring your electric [not gas powered] RC car with you and race it. :slight_smile:

If you have any of those scale orange pylons, bring them too. We need a few more to make a nice big course.


On June 3rd I picked up my Fit EV from Keeler Honda. On that day I did not know even a single person in the Capital District that owned an EV.

On June 24th I founded the Capital District EV Drivers Group on Facebook. There are now 31 members and it is growing every week.

Our first meet is this Sunday for National Plug in Day at Guptill’s. There are 27 EV’s signed up, an electric Harley Davidson, two scooters, and even a Segway! This isn’t counting the people who don’t bother to register and just show up. There are 57 guests registered and more are coming in every day before the event.

We are now holding RC model car and truck race demonstrations as well. If you have an electric radio controlled vehicle, bring it!

This is a free event. Registration for both vehicles and guests is here:


Towing the electric car with a giant truck…


probably getting delivered.


Yup delivered to your door.


the tesla s vs viper is bs.

a viper is faster. of course if you put a bum driver in a viper it will run 14s. but with a good driver and nice tires 11s

the old rt-10 can trap 120mph. the srt10 can trap 130mph.

the tesla hit 12.3s and they didnt show a slip or the time. i have personally seen stock vipers in 11s