Albany Capital District EV Drivers


best time a tesla soposedly hit was 12.3. no proof either.

[ame=“”]Tesla Model S vs Dodge Viper with Exhaust and Air Filter Upgrades - YouTube[/ame]


I’m down here right now and there’s a Tesla and it is awesome. Probably the only full EV I’d own as a daily driver or main car replacement.


If you search tesla quarter mile on YouTube there’s a video clearly showing it run a 12.3. Not sure what you mean by no proof.


Well the Capital District EV Driver’s Group’s first ever EV event went great and we had 31 EV’s in attendance! The above picture even made it to the top of the Sierra Club’s blog entry for the National Plug-in Day weekend recap.

One of the seven Nissan Leafs in attendance.

Glenn Marcucio had the most impressive display by bringing both of his EV’s plus a borrowed i-Miev dealership sign from Goldstien Mitsubishi. He actually hauled the 6.5’ tall sign in the back of his Volt! His wife followed him to the event in their custom striped Mitsubishi i-Miev.

Tony Milillo’s Mitsubishi i-Miev. :slight_smile:

A few other pics from the event:
Above is Dr. Otward Mueller. His Smart ED was the very first one delivered in our area. He explained to me that his EV has an absolute zero carbon footprint, as he powers it completely off of the grid. He designed his own solar charger for the car. He works for MTECH Laboratories in Ballston Spa. This man is a genius and it was a pleasure to meet him.
John Razzano’s poses next to his Ford C-Max Energi during the group photo.
Al and Annabelle Smith’s stunning new Tesla Model S.
… and Jodi Smits Anderson even brought out her Segway!
Ann Zownir brought this Smart ED demo out for test drives from Keeler’s Smart Center of Latham.

Larry Eckhaus’ Smart ED [Electric Drive] model. It’s unusual, but that’s how the hood opens!

We had 31 EV’s in attendance. Here we are lining them up for the parade on Route 9.


if a few more telsa’s start on fire i might be able to afford one.


Because one car catching fire means the company will sell them cheaper…


The stock is already almost back to what it was pre-fire.


it worked with the ford pinto.

never know. already almost key words


I wish I invested in tesla a couple years ago.


play some gta 5 and you will learn about stocks


Nah I’m good. I prefer to beat my hookers in real life.


Battery issue, not vehicle. Does Tesla make the batteries in house? Read up on lithium polymer based batteries, this is nothing new, they are volatile.


Here’s our first opportunity to get our hands on a Fiat 500e. They are California only cars when new, but there are nine used ones on ebay right now. All with very low miles. Some sort of fundraiser? I don’t really get it, but they will sell to qualified bidders in 48 states.

Ebay Link

How cool would it have been to have one at our event a few weeks ago?


Yesterday I held the first drive event for my Capital District EV Driver’s group, up to the summit of Mt. Greylock. This is the highest point in Massachusetts.

We had five EV’s participate. Two Fit EV’s, two Leafs, and one Smart ED. Our first order of business was to drive over to Bob’s Country Kitchen in Lanesboro, MA for lunch.

The weather was perfect and we got some great pictures.

After enjoying the camaraderie at the summit and swapping stories, we all went our separate ways, but made a plan to reset our trip meters and try to record our rates of regeneration on the 8 mile decent to the lower visitor’s center. Here’s the raw data that I can offer from my Fit EV:

I left the peak with 29 miles remaining on my distance to empty readout. After the drive down to the lower visitor’s center my display rose up to 54 miles remaining. The trip computer said I had traveled 8 miles, recaptured 7.9 miles worth of current, with just .1 mile of actual usage. From the Visitor center down and back home it read: 26 miles traveled, 7.8 miles recaptured, for a total of 18.4 miles of actual electrical usage. In my garage it showed 40 miles of range remaining with a 36% charge left. Travis’ Fit EV had 25% charge remaining when he got home to Nassau. [He carried additional passengers up the mountain and lives a bit further away than I do.] This performance was a pleasant surprise for both of us, because we didn’t know for sure that we could make the trip.

And I thought I might not be able to make the 75 mile round trip with the long, steep climbs and high elevations.

It turns out it was actually pretty easy. :slight_smile:


I’ve always wondered about fitting EV’s with solar panels since they now have those flexible sheet like panels. You should pioneer this!


I wish I knew how. The solar cells make DC power, the car uses an AC traction motor. There’s a bunch conversions and engineering required to make that happen… all way over my head. :smiley:


Darn. Sounds like a great project for one of the local engineering schools.


one of the higher model prius has a solar panel roof that is pretty cool. I think it’s purpose was to cool the car in the summer and warm in the winter but I’m not 100%


Neat. It makes sense to design something like that. Take all the free energy they can get.


the batteries store DC power.


Update on the 1/4 mile drag times for my Fit EV.

Car and Driver’s “official” road test for the Fit EV quoted the 1/4 mile time at 16.8 @ 83 mph. I don’t think they actually went to a drag strip. I think they stuck one of those electrical gadgets to the inside of the windshield and called it a day.

My tests were all done at Lebanon Valley Dragway.

6/19/13: My car tested as delivered: 16.46 @ 83.62 mph.

8/1/13: Took a little weight out of it and inflated tires to 50 psi. This brought it down to 16.31 @ 84.62 mph.

5/10/14: Mounted a used pair of used 205/50R15 Falken Azenis 615k tires on some heavy ass steel wheels. They are about 1" shorter than stock to effectively lower the gear ratio for better acceleration. I also did some minor aerodynamic tweaks by removing the side mirrors and adding a temporary grill block. It worked as planned and the new Fit EV record is now 16.14 @ 84.99 mph.