Man i thought it was going to be a good run…

i was on XXX going south in the k car and i look in the rearview and i see that unmistakable E46 M3 front end and i think “yippie! ive wanted to run one of these for a while to see how fast it is on the highway”.

so i slow down a little and the guy pulls up to the side and looks over. probably in his 40s and with a wife/gf in the car too. so we pace for a little and he nails it and i wait and then hit it and rip right on by. i was like “wtf? that was too easy”. i slow down as a car comes up ahead and duck in behind the BMW and i see “330ci” on the back. dang. oh well. ill see a real one eventually and we’ll see.

then he got off at the next exit and we gave each other a friendly wave lol.

i rarely have a race that the opponent ends up mad cause the situation is pretty hilarious.


lol I bet he did a wtf was that shit

prob didnt wanna waste the gas on you


i went for a ride in an 86 reliant k turbo to mighty taco with some kid from my last semester class and he floored it. it picked up pretty good for being an 86 that had a bit of a misfire. the kid knows nothing about cars but i told him he’s gotta get some upgrades since its a factory turbo car i told him it would be the ultimate sleeper. i bet yours is

most folks are oblivious to the car which is the point.

yeah the only factory ones are govt cars. you can pick them up on ebay. mine is def not stock though. traps 104 on my teeny tiny slicks (22") and a few more than that on my street tires as they are taller.

huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

naah the guy hit it. it just wasnt fast. he was cool though. he definitely got a good look at my “i hate deer” dented fender too that i still havent replaced.


Not true. They put this turbo motor in a lot more than the reliant and sold them to the general public. I had a LeBaron and it was factory turbo, and I was the documented second owner. Just because they weren’t stocked on the lot doesn’t mean you could not get them.

I do have to say, it was the best sleeper I ever had.

im not talking K based lebarons or new yorkers and stuff like that. i know they got turbo motors.

im talking actual dodge aries and plymouth reliants with turbo engines. only govt cars got that setup. i know quite a few people that searched around to find them. i saw one this past weekend. black aries wagon. factory turbo.