another banned member, checkin in

the party can begin, im here :slight_smile:

Howie, i promise not to do the “three very bad things” on this forum, lol

You’re still wierd.

Be good…

lol…welcome! =)



im not weird … im fucked up …

and i promise … no more tub girl




hiya! welcome

welcome bud!

Hi, fellow banned one!
let’s get the party started.

good to see you again, man :slight_smile:

hey welcome



wasap :wave:

i think i met you sorta last night

although you were mega fucked up, rofl


yup … that was me the other night at twisted’s “party for every cop in lancaster” … and i was still decently sober …

i didnt drink fast enough to manage to get truely hammered b4 my body wanted me to slow down, i was probably at a like .08 , and i think i can pull off a solid .12 if i try hard enough (such as day one on carlisle, twisted party for 87foxgt, or the night i funneled 30oz of jack and coke (7 shots of jack total)

wasup puta

waiting for you to get your teg together … THATS WHAT BITCH !

i still havent gotten a ride … closest i came was playing chase car to you on the backroads cruise