Another Juan of those i got Arrested Last Night Posts

fuck lancaster police. party was good all night. all sorts of diff people having a good time. then after i got all drunk and tired im like fuck it im going to bed. there was maybe 15 people left when i did this. so i went in the house and went to sleep. Next thing you know about 45-min later i got my friend from ariziona telling me cops are here. so im like tell the cops they can end the party and call it a night. i was assuming thats why they were here. So then he leavs and 5-min later hes comes back in and is like THEY WANT YOU OUTSIDE NOW!. so i walk outside in my teeshirt and boxers. i then ask what the prob was? Lady says that some 1 broke a beer bottle in the street thats why they are here.(couple people checked 4 me and found nothing so the bored cops must have made it up) So guy cop comes up 2 me and says there is underage drinking? so i ask where cause i only knew of 1 that brought his own beer and that was drinking and he was staying @ my house. so he tells me to SHUT MY FUCKING MOUTH AND KEEP QUIET!. I then ask him what i did wrong. So he said i told you to shut you fucking mouth and now you going to jail!. I GOT CUFFED IN MY DRIVEWAY INFRONT OF ABOUT 15-20 PPL IN MY BOXERZ AND PUT IN THE CAR. So cop gets in the car and i ask him what i did wrong and he told me i was a wise mouth prick:gotme: and that if i wouldent of opened my mouth(2 ask what i did wrong) that i wouldent be in this position. So i get to the police station they fingerprint,do they paperwork and charge me with

260.20-2 Of The Penal Law.Unlawfully Dealing With A Child In The 1st Degree!
So my Gf comes to pick me up with my friend @ 4:45am and 2 bring me close. she then says she is pissed and wants 2 go talk to the cop. i say go 4 it. SO then she proceeds 2 talk to him and shes asking why and all of this stuff. he tells her that its non of her buisness and she dont live there so why is she talking? So i got pissed off and said Sir if there was anyunder age drinking then did you ticket the underage drinkers? call there parents? get names? he sais NOPE they listened when i told them to shut up! :bloated: . Great so my girlfriend starts to talk again and he goes off and said who the fuck do you think you are? get out of my station and slams the glass door in our faces.

Who ever was still here sorry you had to see me in my boxerz:lol:
sorry cops cam i have been having parties here since i was a lil younging had some huge triple keggers with a DJ and 250ppl and cops had never came. Guess these 1’s were just bored and wanted 2 drop in looking 2 make arrests:gotme: Ohh well i think ill hold of on the parties For a while:tdown:

Cliffs: Had great party,lots of ppl and fun. Cops came Arrested me in my Boxerz for asking what i did wrong. then takes me to station and Charges me with Unlawfully Dealing W/ a Child in the 1st. Cop tells me he let underage drinkers go because they shut up when he told them too.
Girlfriend comes to pick me up and cops asks her who the fuck she thinks she is.

What do you guys think im gunna get as far as what i did 4 my crime? is that serving minors?

~This Is Twizted BTW

Thats Me that got arrested not Sherm

Damn dood… That really sucks. WTF is thier problem…?

hm…did you actually served minor?

I wanna meet this cop, what the hell he think he is?

im curious to see if they can prove you served to minors

That’s ridiculous. Did he read you your Miranda rights? If not, you can get him on that too. Sounds like someone was on a power trip. God damn I hate that.

ya ive personally ben on several ride alongs… cops love parties like that… they were bored… tust me

i was also never read my rights. and no i did not serve a minor i was sleeping when they came. i nhever once gave any Juan any alcoholic Beverages.

you need to call a lawyer like NOW

the party was BYOB … therefor the minors were served by the friends they came with

i was one of the people that checked the street for broken glass after we got kicked out, and there was NOTHING from AJ’s auto wrecking all the way down to broadway … NO VISABLE BROKEN GLASS OF ANY SORT

both the male and female cops were quite OBVIOUSLY on a power trip … she was being a raging cunt right from the start, and that male cop was acting like a drill seargent

when the first cop showed up, i explicitly questioned this “someone threw a beer bottle at a passing vehical” statement she made. i was one of the people closest to the street, as everyone was in the lit area by the garage, and i was, in general, the farthest person from the garage … i would have heard the bottle hit the car

i asked the cop if she saw that glass in the street b she came up to the house … got told that “i havent investigated that yet”

i asked if they have the accusers information … got told “all they did was call it in, there was no damage to the car”

my next question … how do you break a beer bottle on a cars paint and not damage it ?

needless to say … the cops were liein

and since they didnt ticket the minors … id say twisted is lookin at some pissant ticket at worst

He can probably get out of it since they were aggressive and didn’t read him his rights.

so my gf says to the cop so you meaning to tell me if i go somewhere where there is a case of beer or ppl drinking that i could get them in trouble? cop said no then slammed the door in our face

and oh yea … did anyone notice how i finished the bottle i had in my hand when they showed up, the proceeded to crack open a new bottle while the cops were still there ? :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh:

Damn… most Lancaster Cops are nice…

I have my doubts about whether being the owner of a dwelling where people brought their own alcohol fits you within the confines of NY Penal 260.20; “gives or sells, or causes to be given or sold” doesn’t really apply to you. And i’m nearly positive that you were unlawfully arrested under NYCPL 140.15(2); Arrest without a warrant. “The arresting police officer must inform such person of his authority and purpose and of the reason for such arrest.” And you weren’t read your rights.

That being said; allowing minors to drink in your place = dumb as hell.

as far as i know 1 kid was drinking underage. and brought his own. i guess when there is ppl walking your not gonna ask them for ID

damn bri, sorry to hear that blows :tdown:

but i dont understand how they can even arrest you without reading you your rights? smells like BS to me :poop:

damn i grew up in lancaster and know a bunch of the cops too… they are generally nice

that sucks they were acting like assholes :frowning:


did they say you were under arrest and put you in a jail cell? if so…then they HAVE to read you your rights. If they are just “detaining” you, then they don’t until they charge you…but because you were charged with something…i’m guessing you were arrested.

get a laywer. tell him what happened, and how it was BYOB, because you wanted to avoid a situation like this. With a clean record, which I assume you have…you will be 100% fine. If its in Lancaster, you will most likely be dealt with by Judge Dwan. Dwans the fucking man…if when the time comes you tell him the story…you’ll be fine.