Another overpromised underdelivered hybrid (Fisker Karma)

So much for the 100 mpg, 50 miles with no gasoline Fisker Karma.

The EPA has finally tested the $96,895 Karma and the results are in. According to Fisker, the government agency has determined that the Karma gets the equivalent of 52 miles per gallon (mpge) in all-electric mode and has a range of 32 miles before its General Motors supplied turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine needs to kick in to generate electricity.

For comparison, the similar in operation, but less powerful Chevrolet Volt is rated at 94 mpge with a range of 35 miles per charge. Fisker has not yet revealed the combined gas-electric fuel economy of the car, but according to GreenCarReports, when the battery charge is depleted, and the Karma is powered primarily by its internal combustion engine, the fuel economy drops to 20 mpg, about the same as a Ford Explorer.

I wonder if it will ever really go into production… I’ve only ever looked at this car as someone’s dream. Kinda like the Tesla S.

I have a friend who was on the waiting list and test drove one recently in Cleveland. She said it felt like more of a toy than a serious car and decided to pass on it.

I think it just need’s more development time and can do a lot better. It looks great.

It’s like 2x the cost of the Tesla S too.

The other one I’m waiting to watch massively under-deliver based on the promises they’ve been making.

Engadget got a first look at it. It seems awfully impressive, and they do have some experience under their belts now. Likely still more of a tinker toy, but if they really deliver it at $50k and anywhere near their projected performance on range, they might have a shot at competing with cars like the 335d and mercedes’ Bluetec line. Tesla Model S test ride and factory tour (video)

I still don’t understand why nobody puts a turbo diesel generator in these hybrids instead of using horribly inefficient turbo gas engines. Diesels make perfect sense when you use them in a generator application. I don’t get it

Don’t worry about it. :snky:

so you’re saying you think the hybrids are too cheap and they should cost another $10k or so?

i’m not suggesting they put a 700hp duramax under the hood, although that would be bad ass

i thought diesels dont like all the starts and stops so it wasnt practical??

So, another company that learns “it’s not as easy as it looks” when they ask why OEMs don’t do a better job with hybrids.


I start and stop my diesel all the time. I have never had any issues. + the nice thing about idling a diesel is they use WAYYYYY less fuel at idle than a gas engine

My co-workers were test driving one of these (not happy I didn’t get a call). They said the infotainment center crashed and for some reason it decided to crank the AC and the screen went blank. They brought it back and were told to get out of the car and un-plug and plug the system back in to reset the computer.
Looks like it still has a couple glitches to smooth out.

^Microsoft Windows driven?

Does’t look windows based but maybe?

Funny I just found a story about a recall on it:

The number of times I drive more than 32 miles at a time is seldom. Even RT to work I’d never leave electric mode. I wish they weren’t so expensive.


Consumer Reports went out and bought one (aka, not some specially prepped magazine loaner) and it didn’t even survive the basic check in.

I also wasn’t aware that they got a half billion dollar low interest government loan (For a car built in Finland no less):

Can we say Solyndra part II? At least in this case the government cut Fisker off after “just” 193 million.

Just saw this on my way home from work