Any ideas on taping off a good circle?

Painting my race wheels… did the first color (a few shades more grey than gunmetal black) and now I’m ready to mask off the lip to do it a different color.

I have amazing patience, so I know I can do it by hand, but anyone have any ideas on how to more quickly tape off a good circle?

The wheels are (picture taken before painting started):

get vinyl cut. thats what i suggested to psychopjv for his rims

or use thin 1/4" or 1/8" tape to get the intial circles then uses bigger tape and paper when it allows

Bring them over, bring me some (decent) beer (like a growler of spaten optimator from McGregors) and I’ll do them for you. Call the cell, I’m headed outside.

Yeah, that’s how I was gonna do it.

You’re gonna look so cute working with pink spraypaint :wink: If I can find a car to get them down to you in, I’ll give you a call.

take regular painters tape (thicker goes faster) and tape off horizontally accross the wheel. then use a razor and cut out wherever you want paint to touch. thats how i did the wheels on the Camaro.

3M makes a vinyl tape (blue) is very plyable and easy to run without wrinkles. Similar feel to electrical tape. Can find it at automotive stores or Urban Paint in Tonawanda.

I used that for my leading edge:

then just used masking tape to do cover the rest:

lots of little square stickers will work ok… but the vinyl tape will be good like josh said