Any part time jobs with good benefits???

well, just curious is all. considering doing something else with my life but benefits are a must and its rediculously expensive through my wifes work. sooo, i was curious if any part time jobs out there had good flexible hours with benefits.

i very rarely see a part time job with decent/if any benefits at all. arent you required to have a certain number of hours to be qualified for them? and wouldnt that number put you at full time anyways?

hmmm, i thought part time jobs like UPS or something had benefits available for part time??? i dont know, if theres such a thing to be honest. just thought id ask.:slight_smile:

I think starbuck gives u benefits if u work 20 hrs

bank tellers get insurance, holidays, paid vaca, tuition assistance, etc. if you work 20 a week, at least at HSBC.

shit, i just started a new job at west herr because i needed insurance and a decent paycheck (boy was i wrong about that part), but i knew there was a certain number, it may be 20.

yea at west herr u need to work 40hrs a week to be eligible for benefits

I could inquire at work if we’re looking for a part time driver and see if it would give benefits.

I believe Lowes has some benefits for part timers

ups has a great benefits package, my mom works there part time and it covers her, me and my dad full health dental medical ext

do you know the minimum hours required?

^ no but my mom dosnt work very many so id try there

lol part time with good benefits, try to find full time with good benefits!!

Yeah tell me about it.

I definitely have to agree with UPS though, if you don’t mind being a loading-dock bitch. Lots of heavy lifting. If you stick it out for a few or 10 years and make it to full time you can make a really good buck.

john its hard to find 100% benefits even with full time… b4 you do anything look at the $$ that will go into it … your right im sure you did

at west herr i get about $40 taken out a week for full insurance(health dental, life) all maxed out and its pretty damn good. if we dont take the insurance they off 100$ at the end of every month, but im too accident prone to not have it.

wegmans health insurance is like $20 a month, i think you only have to be part time

and john, i could never see you at a wegmans or a starbucks hahahhaha omg hahahaha :lol:

What does it take to be a driver for UPS? I’m done with school and need a job but don’t want to load trucks

No CDL though I believe you need some obscure license. However, you won’t be hired to drive except maybe for holiday. You have to put in years loading to get the driver position.


everyone I know who does that shit (loading) has serious back problems