any scuba divers?

i have a question for anybody that scuba dives.

what do you wear on your head for cold water to cover your whole face, im going tomm to that scuba gear place on transit road but was just wondering how much something cost

A cold water dive hood.

Something like this:

You can’t cover your face as you need to be able to use your mask and regulator. There are full-face masks, but those are usually used with communications devices so you can speak.

I dive as well, what Avatar said was spot-on. One neoprene hood, 4mm in thickness.

I only warm water dive. And even then I’m always freezing.

that deffintly would probably work pretty well…I need something for my face when I’m jet sking

I think i have a used old old one, i’d have to check if you want it for free.

Damn white ppl cuba divin in da o chin.