Any way to find these fags name?949-0090 is their #

Long story short,Kids called up tonight and ordered a pizza and wings 10 mins before closing at the pizzeria.I told them 25 mins.After 45 Mins I called back and asked them if they were coming to pick it up.They said "no you were supposed to deliver it with a Cocksucking blowjob"I was like excuse me? And they were all laughing and then hung up.Called back 2 more times and told them to come pay for it Or I was going to call the police.Soon as I said the word police they hung up.There were more words obviously but they were just like c’mon man we need it,etc.Going to Station on Tuesday to see what can be done.Cops all order from there.I figure I have the # they called from and called it back 3 times so it’s someones #.I have enough kids on the Island were I should be able to find out who they were,But wanted to check on here to see if someone could do some cell phone trace.
Any help is appreciated and will get ya a Pizza on the house.

looks like a verizon cell number

Quit posting up information of shit like this.

It comes with the territory.

What the hell would you do anyways if you found out this kid’s name/address???

Edit: Waste more time playing detective than running good labor is really going to help the business :picard:

You worry about your stuff,I’ll worry about mine.All I did was ask for help in finding out a #.
If you Aren’t here to help, leave.

I am helping. I’m helping you realize to not waste your energy on something stupid shit like this and give away a free pizza when you can bite the bullet and learn not to take orders 10 minutes until close.

you’re still not helping.You take orders until you close,It’s called a business.You do know there is clean-up involved and you don’t walk out the door at 11pm,right?

↑ Shit sucks, happens all the time. Part of the business i guess. I work for a very good pizza place for the last ten years so I see this everyday, they take hits all the time, let alone the donations they give out a week. They money they make they shrug it off as oh well, must be nice. Fucking kids have nothing better to do is gay as hell though. Please find out who it is and teach them a lesson.


Actually I do. I was a kitchen manager for a corporate restaurant for years.

You should have a cap on delivery times.

Are you blind,they wanted me to deliver a BLOWJOB.The order was originally a pick up,That’s why it was taken.
Please leave you are useless

OMG Pizza place got pranked!!! Holy Shit! You have no grounds to do shit!!! Its not against the law to order a pizza and not pick it up dude.

I hope the cops laugh just as hard as the kids that pranked you.

So take home the food and fucking eat it!

Did you think this would never happen?

Like I asked, what do you plan to acomplish with the kid’s name/address?

You’re pissed that you wasted food, yet you want to give away a pie to somebody with information…

I"m done arguing with the useless people above.If anyone can help please LMK

Board,thanks for hoping people laugh at me

949 cell is a verizon number. PM evolve…i think he works for verizon. or i can have a friend i know that works there look it up for ya…i’ll PM you if i find anything out.

TY.I thought Evolve left there?

he did

I think they were looking for ( nsfw )

I can understand brushing it off if they ordered it and never picked it up, but being immature and doing stupid shit like that whole BJ bit shouldnt be tolerated.

I can understand where he comes from, its sucks to take a hit to the pockets last call of the night. Whos to say these people cant call every hour on the hour wit a different address? Pizza pranks are gay, end of story, these asshole should pay.

When I delivered pies some kid orders 3 extra large with everything on them, and 6 orders of extra hot wings. That should have tipped people off right there. He talked the manager into delivering them almost to Gowanda from Hamburg, then hid in the house and didn’t answer the door. The worst part was most of the food went in the trash, because nobody would eat the nasty pizza covered in toppings or mouth-burning soggy Dominos wings. But the dumbass called from his own house, and mom paid 1/2 of the order price the next day.

Another time I got a prank order to a bowling alley on Friday night. Realizing there was a hot pizza about to go back to the store, I had several drunk people bidding on it, and I left with the full amount plus $8 tip.