Anybody hungry....

On a rainy shitty sat night??



why only hot peppers on half ,is someone bein a pussy

I can’t handle the heat :frowning: I’m a pansy!

O dear god, that looks awesome!!!

mmmmm I’ll have that with a side of heartburn please!

You some kind a funny guy WAYNE? :lol

I really liking making pizzas but I dont put any of those toppings on. I just dont like sausage, peppers or tomato’s.

My favorite is bacon and pepperoni with some hot sauce on top. I use a half pound of bacon for each pizza the size of yours.

wheat pizza dough
Ragu sauce
shredded mozzarella cheese
grated parmesan cheese
pizza seasoning spice mix
Frank’s hot sauce

Wayne your ass is going to kill you lol

Paging Sully and his atrocious diet.

Fuckin ay that looks delicious

Wayne stated last night that he has not felt his ass in over 3 years

that’s because steve has felt it for him


  • rep

^ This is true!

its not delivery its Wayne

Lmao… I forgot that part of it

lol. it was good though!!!

:rofl At least you don’t have to worry about colon cancer, sounds like you routinely get cleaned out :lol

lol pretty much!