Anyone else have this problem with t3\t4 turbo

When me friend switched from a s14 turbo to a t3 4 turbo and new manifold on his s13 sr20det engine all of a sudden it is running way rich. He has 550cc injectors a Q45 maf, a fuel regulator and a safc2. Any ideas what could be causing this since it ran well before the turbo swap. Any particular settings he should run on his safc2. Any help would be appreciated.

is he running -30 across the board on the SAFC?

he should be running something similar to that

get an ECU or fuel management

-30% is actually really off when you arn’t under load.

from what i have read people with 550’s and Z32 mafs need to run APPROXIMATELY -30 settings.

i have also been in RB20’s with SAFC’s with the same settings.

obviously you will differ it depending on rpm and throttle point but in general you should be 30 points lower than with stock injectors and mafs.

some people think that the Z32 mafs and the 550’s cancel each other out, this is not the case.

if the dude in question is running -5 through +15 correction on his SAFC from 1000 - 8000rpm then this is why he is running rich. it should look more like -30 - 0

Here’s mine with 600cc injectors after tuning with a wide band.

RPM         1000  -2   -3   -4   -5  -6    -7   -8

20 % HI -27, -15. -20, -25, -35, -35, -30, -18

10 % LOW -11, 0, -6, -5, -12, -20, -20, -20

fpr and safc2 y0

How do you know hes running lean?

Do you have a Wideband?

How much boost difference between the two turbo’s?

What Kind of wastegate is he using?

What Kind of manifold is he running.

Nope, Get the damn thing tuned on a Dyno w/ Wideband.

i didnt mean -30 on all setting, i meant 30 points less than what he would be running without the injectors.

which is not far off from what i am running compared to Ed’s numbers.

also ed, why is your high setting at 20% and your low at 10%??

do you drive your car much?

20% throttle is not much at all

It’s my daily driver.

what kind of mileage are you getting like that?

Pretty good actually. If you look at it, the more i press the throttle the more fuel it pulls out.