Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


I heard Dave & Adam’s Sport Cards is buying/selling Bitcoins now.


i havent checked on mine in a while. dont have any BTC anyways but just going to wait and then do the old… "OMG it’s up? i wonder if i can remember how to log in and check my shit after 2 years thing… "


Then you find out they have a policy that you forfeit your account if you don’t log in so often.


Adoption is slowly taking place.

I’m hoping I forget about my XRP and 5 years from now I have a couple hundred grand sitting around.


Dropping like a bridge in Italy…



just read that… yeah i would say that before you know the full extent of the casualties you probably shouldnt joke about it :slight_smile:

as for XRP and others… not going to look for a while. but i am sure there will be another run on this stuff at some point. i’d like to be able to move all my stuff into a single account or learn to keep it off-line but that’s a pain in the ass.

i just looked at XRP and it’s crazy low now… $0.24 last i checked.


I expect it will eventually go back up, it just may take a while (just like the bridge actually).

That and a lot of the alt-coins won’t survive.


It won’t be long until my XRP is back to the price I first bought it!


Every time I think “ooh nice maybe this time the crap will die off” look at cmc, nope, 40 new ones added. Believe it or not I am up 400% right now. Don’t ask me why I didn’t cash out twice in the past two months when I was at over 1200%. I do not have an answer. Well taxes are one reason.


Still buying pogs here. I believe in ripple.


BTC in Iran up to $24k now. Is it treason to sell to someone There? Hahaha


lol, do sanctions apply to BTC?

i didnt know that the price could vary that dramatically between countries.

wouldnt be a silly idea to top up on XRP under $0.30 i dont think.


Well I think it’s more of who you are selling to. I mean I know with the right amount of BTC up front I could find a way to get into Iran and sell it via my Belarus connections but I feel like I would get in trouble hahaha once they release their own official crypto I’m pretty sure that would fall under it since crypto is treated as property, so essentially you’d be buying Iranian “property”.

The price difference is because it’s on local exchanges especially Exir. I’m sure on the black market there it’s even more. I’m pretty sure their tight grip on the internet also has something to do with it, but the jump happened right after new sanctions, rial fall, and official recognition by most government ministries of bitcoin mining as a legitimate industry.

Time is good to pick up several good projects. I’m happy with my stuff :):+1:


More XRP here baby.




Still buying XRP lol


I can a dig a hole in my yard and just let you dump money into it if you’re looking for a new and exciting way to throw money away. :slight_smile:


I prefer burning my money rather than burying it lol

EDIT: At the end of this, there are two scenarios. I either have a Ford GT in my driveway somewhere around the year 2020 or option 2, I’m out roughly a couple grand.

Obviously the likely outcome is number 2, but I just have a gut feeling Ripple will pull through.


This is definitely the motto of every hedge fund manager ever :thinking::joy:


Ripple is moving.

Xrapid will be live before November.

Bought some more Ripple.