Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


Just bought more pogs!!! (Ripple)

And the beta version is LIVE!!! Choon is here!! I cannot wait to be a listener and investor!

EDIT: With choon running the market now stands at 7/1783213467637896 useful coins rather than 6.


Bought more pogs today!!! Go pogs go!!!


oh yeah pog city sonnnnnn

I’m a hard believer in Ripple

I’m either gonna be out roughly 10 grand, or up an undisclosed amount.


Invested small in the coins but no luck for me



No but seriously. I have 10K XRP, the rest of my coins I sold for a small profit. Besides ripple and two or three other coins none have a purpose, and since the bitcoin craze of last year over 1000 ICOs have DIED after RAPING investors (most likely blindly jumped in).

I believe in Ripple’s mission. If they’re declared a security XRP is fucked, but if all works out well, well, 10K of anything worth hopefully something will be a nice surprise.

If it goes to zero by the end of the day I’m going down with my ship.


I’m finally in negative numbers. It’s time to sell right? LOL

I’ve got some LTC, TRX and XRP and I plan to sit on them for at least another year.


So brave, lol.


Heh, to be fair I didn’t go full retard like some people and cash out my 401k and max my credit cards to buy pogs. I’m in for an amount I can afford to lose, like gambling at a casino. Come on hard six!


I’m so happy people are calling these pogs lol.


I haven’t even checked my pogs in forever lol.


I think pogs sounds better anyways


Losing money didn’t last long. Back up as of this morning. Go pigs go.





Some times autocorrect is pure gold. Not even gonna fix it. :slight_smile:


back down lol well ripple anyways, fuckers!!!


Bitcoin on a steady rise again…?


Nope, lol.


It’s gonna be a long time till gainZ come back.


What is up my friends? Whats new?

I want to start off by apologizing @ubengineering , I should never have recommended keeping Ripple and not selling through $3+ :joy:

It’s been a hard ride but very educational for me personally. Life has been like a bad episode of Burn Notice , non of it crypto related.