Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


Pogs. Electronic Pogs.


Bitcoin is still at 7,900 at the time of this post. That’s still REALLY high in the grand scheme of things, and proves that there is a lot of value in it.

It can’t/couldn’t possibly climb forever. If you really were at nearly $90k in profits and didn’t pull out, then you’re insane. What did you expect to happen? Make millions? Did you really think it was going to keep increasing exponentially?




I did not have an exit plan. I figured it would keep going up, but not drop 80% lol lesson learned.


I wish I had built a mining rig instead, at least then I would have a sick gaming PC if all else fails.


well you’d still be making money lol


we are still profitable over here, though a lot less than a few months ago, running 3 rigs at the moment


good stuff dude! How does that effect your electricity bill?


i should clarify, I have 3 dedicated mining rigs running in our office, its the only thing running there other than the cable modem

at home I run 3 pc’s that also mine, with 1-2 video cards

our bill at the unit is a couple hundred a month-ish, dont have stable numbers yet as we are still changing things around


If crypto really does go back to 1-2K BTC, I may build a rig myself.

Hopefully you don’t generate enough heat that cops think you’re growing dope :stuck_out_tongue: @Skurge


haha, its a legit office, in an office building. one of our partners owns the building. 100% above board there!

and its on the first floor of a 2 story building :wink:


Damn, 90k in profits, that would pay off my student loans…


90K in invisible money lol it’s not real till you cash out! @travisn


IDK what caused the sudden spike but I still believe in Ripple. Bought a little more.


Really hoping for a big bounce after tax day and people buy back in.


Big movement in the markets, and ripple keeps doing awesome stuff. Bought more ripple today, I agree with @Motocrossx23 about coins being electronic pogs, out of the 1500 or so I’d say 99.995% are, but if you’re interested in checking, which you’re probably not, ripple is doing real life things, with actual services being used today.

I got a gut feeling I’m getting that FGT, maybe not next year, or the year after that, but she’s comin.


I’m still holding TRX, LTC and XRP because I think all of them have a shot at being used for real world stuff some day. TRX being the long shot but considering I bought in at .03 it’s not much of a risk.


Same, I bought some ETH as well.

I will add to the investment if it’s a good year for weed stocks


Bought some more pogs!!! my collection is YUGEEEEEEEEEEE


allegedly, Binance is more profitable than Deutsche Bank… crazy.