Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


Hahaha hey guys I have not jumped off a bridge. :wink: just a lot going on at home nothing to do with crypto. I have been doing a lot more in depth research etc.

Do I wish I knew what I know now? Of course! I’m still very bullish on crypto in general especially as I learn more and more. Strategy has changed and certain things in the works I just have to figure out the legality , compliance issues etc.

If at this point you dont see the potential for returns, this space is not for you. I’m just sorry I missed Bitcoin at 6k

Edit: recent congressional hearings on it, use cases etc are fairly positive, especially when you consider that the biggest government types against crypto were the Nancy Pelosi’s of this world

And no longer a fan of IOTA atm, some big issues they need to work out. Waiting for Cardano Ouroboros to come out to see how that will work, how profitable with staking etc

One thing I’m almost certain of, most technical analysis , triangles , Fibonacci retracement levels in the field currently is bs, too much very apparent market manipulation going on atm. Until the whales and market makers get vastly outweighed by regular traders and investment firms that don’t hold huge fractions of total supply, coin use case viability research as a basis for what to buy for short term trading is fiction at best. Long term outlook if you can stomach the fluctuations, is alright though.

Meaning based on academic research , it is more likely that bitcoin, ethereum and cardano will be here 10 years from now, than not. Jpmorgan internal memos, Bank of America letters to Congress all show that they consider crypto as something that is here to stay and that is a very serious threat to their business model. Also see Blackrock investment firms outlook


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Lol I am quite well thank you :smiley:

When Tron Moon? :smiley:

For anyone who is actually serious and not the usual “its a bubble!!, have you heard of the Tulip bubble?” troll, here is some interesting intellectual stuff.

Also dig into MIT’s etc research into blockchain


To all, check out Choon, I think it’s going to be huge and serve a real purpose. My favorite music producer is behind the project and has millions in his fan base, he’s turning a lot of artists over to it.


Well call me crazy and I may be jinxing myself but after studying the bitcoin charts about a year I’ve become comfortable enough with partial day trading. Been successful so far. Every time it hits a new high for a period, I jump out with a couple bucks and jump back in after it dives a tad. I’m 3 for 4 so far. It’s nice to see more bitcoin end up in your balance without spending more money.

My next trade will be when the 12.5 levels are broken. I’m hoping for a small sell off.


What exchange are you using? The first time I tried this Coinbase/GDAX couldn’t make the trades / was down. That was during the all time highs though.


research on blockchain isn’t research on how you can get rich off blockchain…

Lots and lots of companies are researching blockchain but not in the how can we all moon this coin and make billions.


That’s irrelevant to the question of the viability/real use for crypto. If research shows that this is more than Pokemon and Digimon cards, it is perfectly logical to expect for your investments to pay off long term.

Who’s talking about getting rich quick and mooning? The point is that this is a new market that is here to stay where serious money CAN be made. All the research points to that, now the largest ATM company is saying crypto is a serious business risk.


Blockchain isn’t going anywhere yes…

This entire post/thread is about buying XYZ coin and making money off of it.

If someone company decides to utilize some private block chain to process transactions that has nothing to do with making money.


Not just blockchain in general but cryptos as a new asset class. Countless firms across the globe are being created specifically for trading regulated ico’s etc.

Meaning at a base level, it is more likely than not that the market will steadily continue to grow and so will the price of XYZ coins. Whether that’s 300x or 3x is the unknown for any particular one.

Also my comment was about if anyone was interested in learning more in depth about certain aspects of blockchain, past the surface level idea that most crypto bashers and mooners have.

Meaning somebody who says “its just another tulip bubble” obviously has not done any research into the subject.

I will leave it at that, if you can’t see what I’m talking about then I see no reason to discuss this further.


You can hide behind “if you can’t see what I’m talking about then I see no reason to discuss this further” all you want.


You’re lumping crypto currencies/ICOs in with companies interest in blockchain it’s not the same thing.

You freely interchange blockchain and crypto currency where you see fit to make your argument.


i made a separate blockchain thread to discuss that stuff and no one wanted to but i guess it makes sense to conflate the 2 issues here.

i would much prefer to have separate threads.

blockchain viability is a long term trend for crypto, it isnt a week to week catalyst discussion. because, the only people still on the fence of opposed to crypto are not going to be convinced with a point to point arguement anyways. it will take time and the conversion is gradual. many people dont have the time to step away from their day to day lives to dig into things like this or even beyond the headlines of the news.

getting back into the coins though… some XRP surging today on coinbase and other rumours.

i’ve been holding strong and havent even logged into coinbase or binance in over 6 weeks. everything probably got stolen already :slight_smile:


Lol I am not, you say companies interest in blockchain, I say companies fear of crypto currencies. Also the majority of blockchain projects have coins/tokens. The majority of the research in blockchain also involves tokenization.

Why would I separate them if most of the work from MIT etc also involves cryptocurrencies.

Everything I have posted and mentioned involves companies, research into crypto currencies not blockchain as a tech. Morgan Stanley , JP Morgan and BoA are calling Bitcoin, Ethereum etc as a business risk, not just the concept of “blockchain”. I’m nkt talking about companies that are interested in Ripple and don’t need to use the Ripple token. These companies dont really do the research I’m taljing about anyway.

I think most recognize the idea is that the largest use of a token/coin is for initial seed money for the project , as a voting system on that blockchain and as part of a treasury system.

At the end of the day the question for me is , will ccrypto currencies be here 10 years from now, and can I start a viable business in the field. That is a resounding yes


Never ended up hitting 12.5 levels so I didn’t day trade, but woke up to 9500! Wooooo! The SEC wants more regulation, and I’m okay with that.


Pretty decent article

Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain


I hope Ripple is the first, mostly just thinking of myself and wallet though.


VEN needs to come back to life


Bought some more Ripple. I still read news daily on projects and what companies are doing, and seriously Ripple is one of the few doing anything. Santander is picking up Xrapid and XRP to transfer money, Moneygram and WU are still running tests, and I really like the CEO on how hard he pushes the product.

I have BTC, ETH and XRP.

BTC I’m just holding just to hold.

ETH I don’t really like but I’m saving my 1.5 to invest into Choon or more Ripple


I remember when I used to be addicted to coin market cap, now I check every couple of weeks. Well down another grand or so today lol I used to know how many coins I had from memory, now they’re all on my Nano and I hope a year or two from now they’re worth something.

So my journey through Crypto

June 2017 - invest 5 grand
December 2017 - grown to 93K
February 2018 - Down to 14K and I pull out my original investment
Today - 5.5ish I think?

I still believe Ripple will be successful. After taking an objective view of coins and the high of making/losing all that money wore off, I’m pretty sure 95-99% of coins have no use and just made away with lots of people’s money (including some of my own).

EDIT: There are currently just over 1500 coins, so do the math. Something useful for money transfer, something for privacy, and that’s all I can really think of (right now).