Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


Also if anyone is interested I’ll make a ripple wager. If ripple is not 1.50$ by December 31st I will buy up to 2 challengers wegman’s subs.

But if I win the losers have the split the cost of a completely loaded container at the hot bar (8.99 a pound bro).






@ubengineering on fire! Haha that 1.50 might happen this week


Cmon 10$!!!


You sold at 69c ? Tell me it is so hahaha. Just a few weeks ago I was thinking of throwing like 300 at kwh coin because it was .0012 Then said nahhh. It went to 5.6c a few days ago. Would have been easy 14k.

Aeron @ 21c+ was good buy.

Traxia was good buy at .007. Still good now, .009


noooo i havent sold any of mine


This seems like it should be HUGE news for XRP but it isnt doing anything to the price.


Xrapid is now life and commercially available. I’m being patient. I was considering selling some of my BLOZF to buy more ripple.


Again passed up a good chance. I mentioned Aeron at 21c, at the time I posted the ^ message it was around 30c, 95c today . Did I have any? Nope :joy:


Just sitting on mine. If it goes to zero oh well, but I don’t believe it will.


Bought some more pogs today.


Got some more pogs.


How bout them pogs? Lol


Just bought some more!!

In the end I’m either gonna be out roughly 10 grand or up a fuck ton.


I’m starting to lose money, lol. Not going to re-up this time around.


Had to move back to Buffalo. Had to reach out to someone and NYSpeed was easiest. Happened to see cryto thread.

I got so incredibly lucky that I sold my mining equip and almost all of my holdings when I did :joy:


Whoa… you’re back?!


Yessir. Better for the kid, basically. We’ll have to get coffee sometime.


Still got pogs!