Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


My pogs were a fun way to turn $1100 into $370. Just going to let them ride until they’re worth $0 or a profit now.

At the start of this I said, “It’s high risk, only invest money you can afford to flush”. Man, did that ever come true. I feel bad for these people that were buying pogs on their 28% interest credit cards and cashing out their 401ks because, “this has nowhere to go but up, it’s the new global currency”.


Dude people were taking out 2nd mortgages JESUS CHRIST WUTTTTTTT

I still believe in Ripple.

Even after this bear market YEAR I’m up about 10%. I started earrrrrly though, April of 2017.


The only thing I did was mining for crypto. Man am I happy I stopped a few months ago and I just let it go and run its course. I am no where near anything major either which is fine but holy shit did things take a massive fall. Bitcoin is what, $3k right now. A year ago it was about 17k? Sorry to those investing into this but DAMN!!! Does that suck to be those people putting their life savings into it.


Imagine the people who took out 2nd mortgages, jesus


And the people who were maxing out credit cards with 20+% interest rates to buy bitcoin when it was at 8k or more.

I’m almost back to $500 on my $1100 investment. I peaked at about $6k but didn’t cash out because MOON, LAMBO!

Thankfully my traditional investments are doing just fine. Oh, you don’t have any of those? Then why the fuck were you putting money into something as risky as bitcoin? :smile:


$190 million and no one has the password. Oops.


At this point I wish I had lost mine in that way, then I’d at least have a good story about it, lol.


lol i bought some more Ripple the other day!


Did anyone ever take this bet and get some free wegmans subs? Ripple was .35 on 12/31 and .30 today.


i’d be down for a wegmans sub and real life nyspeeding


OT: that Wegmans sub combo is legit.


@JayS No one took me up on my bet lol, thank god, I would have been out $19.00


That’s a steal compared to what everyone lost in crypto!


Man, $19 is double what I spent on crypto!


You coulda won big!!!


Really good read on vulnerabilities:


It was only a matter of time


am i reading this right?

XRP just got added to coinbase and still it wont surge?

i dont understand what drives demand then since this was one of the big catalysts that was supposed to make it run.

weed stocks are so much better


The price is directly correlated to volume (supposedly). My understanding to make XRP moon (again), a well known bank has to change over from whatever system their using, increasing the volume. They have hundreds of partnerships, but they’re small.

I’m being patient.

I have 30K XRP that I bought at .15-.25 a piece, sitting around .33 now, but man I should have sold when it was 3.25$!!!


pretty sure a bunch of banks have already signed on to use XRP have they not?

mind you, i mostly base this on reddit headlines without reading the actual press releases.