Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


Yeah over 200+ smaller banks and organizations, though they’ve had a couple of big fish in there too. One big Spanish bank and one big american one. They are also in trials with mastercard and bank of america (rumors)


yeah so that’s why i’m off crypto for a while. it isnt logical in it’s price action.

or, at least i havent figured it out yet.


Quite a rally going on right now. I’m getting close to breaking even again. :laughing:

The big question is if I do hit the break even point do I sell it all?


Oh? I should check my holdings…


i almost dont want to try and figure out how to log into binance again…


At the point I’m at I’m up like 2 grand, down from being up over 100K LOL

The money I initially invested, maybe like 5, was invested 2-3 years ago, so at this point it feels like I never even had it.

There’s no point in selling now. I’ll either hit it big again or my life will stay the same. Cashing out won’t effect me in any significant way.

If you’re in the same boat as me, just forget it about. Check it in a couple of years if it still exists.


This is what I’m leaning toward. I put $1100 in much later than you but early enough that I saw it go up to $5500 before crashing to $300 or $350. I’m at $960 as I type this. I don’t see the point in cashing out at $1100 because it’s not going to affect me in any way to have 1100 in cash.


i cant remember what i put in, a few grand, probably less than $5k early in the run up.

i am sure i am still down some but not worried about it.

if and when the next round of recessions hit all of the crypto will fly again.


A quick scan of the internet says most people are turning bullish, but with varied reasons.

Whatever, lol. I’ll take an 8% per day jump :+1:


lol, yup… i got a new phone in the meantime and havent reset all the google authenticator shit so i cant get in.,

josh, i may need your help on this :slight_smile:


Yeah, google auth SUCKS if you don’t have the backup codes. I was very careful to go into each account and turn off 2FA before I wiped my old phone. And when I re-activated it I made sure to print out the recovery codes and put them in a safe place.


yes i am missing those codes now. didnt think to do it. going to charge up the old phone since it is on my desk and hope that the 2FA is still there and set up


If it’s not prepare for some fun getting the company to reset it. One of them made me send them a selfie of me holding my license and a piece of paper with my username.


i am expecting that. i had to do that shit when setting up the various stuff in the first place.


oh sweet, google auth is still set up and working on my old phone. how do i get the keys to transfer it?

at least i got in to binance and coinbase again… yay


I didn’t see any easy way to get the keys on binance or cryptopia so what I did was disable 2FA using the codes from my old phone, then install google auth on the new phone and re-enabled 2FA while using the new phone to scan the QR code. Then I made sure to keep the recovery codes it gives you while you’re setting it up so I wouldn’t get locked out in the future. Looking at how long this code is it’s probably faster to disable and re-enable than type this damn thing in.


i got google auth set up on my new phone with the barcodes and shit but it doesnt tell me how to set up the codes for coinbase and binance on the new phone.

pretty sure i also ust required 2FA just to log in to google which is rediculous.

i’m stepping away from all this… yuck.


Bought some more pogs today


idk what’s going on. Up 25% in the last week. I see another Bull trap coming.


Are you rich again yet?