Anyone have any trouble burning any dvds?

Anywho… I just bought Hitch… and I’m backing it up… … …

But it gives me errors in the ripping process if I rip to ISO some cyclic redundancy check… and if I rip to IFO it gives me errors when I shrink the files down something like they dont match up…

just like i told you tom, i ALWAYS rip IFO, and every once in awhile it happens. doesnt matter what machine i use, or what drive.

dvd decrypter

use it
live it
love it

if u cant get it to work give me it, ill do it for ya

:word: dvd decryptor + dvd shrink > *

we’re using dvd decrypter. ive been using it for well over a year.

I’ll try it again tonite… whats your cell if it doesnt work? pm it to me…

:word: i live and die by those 2 programs

basacially any sony movie like hitch and are we there yet i have had problems with. if anyone succesfully burns these let me know

all that error means is that the disc is dirty/scratched. try cleaning it first, and if that doesn’t work set dvddecrypter to aggressive removal and let it mark and discard bad sectors. fyi you always want to “retry”, not ignore/abort or whatever the other options are… if you’re still having problems pm me.

no dvd cant be ripped.

but an easier way is just to dl it, all the work is done.

BTW hitch sucked ass, i didnt like it too much, so funky if u want you can have my copy.

already burned and labeled.

the disc is brand new, not a single mark on it.

yeah i’ve had errors with one’s like that before too… could be that the surface is delaminating from the disc…

where abouts would i download it from?

NG’s man