Anyone here my new best friend?

Hmm… Sell Jetta, Mazda, and House…

Miata, FI kit, other mods - $10k
DD - $20k
DD for Wife - $30k
Pay off all debt >6% interest - :ohnoes:
Down payment on nicer place - $100k
Week in Aruba - $5k
Stock market - $whatever’s left

buy the wife a car nicer than yours? damn dude.

Pay rent for year: $9k
Pay off new car: $54K
Pay back student loan: $20K
Insurance for year: $2K
invest rest


I would wipe my ass 250,000 times with dollar bills.

Seriously tho after taxes its gonna be like 160k which is shit.

I just always am amazed when they say the ticket was sold at a place I drive by fairly regularly. Makes ya think.

bank/invest. buy a motorcycle and a newer honda or something similar. focus all efforts on school and take on an epic class load. sit pretty.

you get about 45% is what i hear = 112,500?

Pay off home, car, truck, wife’s student loan. Buy one stupid toy for myself and the wife, jet ski, snowmobile… something like that. Invest the remainder and use the return on investment to do something cool each year.

My boss and I were just talking about this, and he asked what I’d do if I ever hit one of those monster jackpots, like 250+ million. I told him I’d let him know in an email because he’d never fuckin see me again. :lol:

Are you guys single?

haha, no. im the boss…she pays for my shit. :stuck_out_tongue:



Man, if I won one of those mega lotterys…

I’d be horrible, because I’d be giving money away.

Tipping the waitstaff like $200 on a $50 meal. Everyone would love me.

No you arent Ferrari…dont lie you have her on lockdown.

No but i don’t let her out of the house to find out what is a nicer car than mine.

i know…she really does pay for my shit, i just didnt wanna make him feel bad…she gives me bjs while she pays too.

Fawk I forgot the jet boat.

My student loans - $:ohnoes:
Wife’s student loans - $:ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes:
My CC - $:ohnoes:
Miata Project - $10k
Tacoma - $20k
6MT 4x4 Xterra for the wife - $25k
Used Sea Rayder - $10k
New Kitchen - $10k
Pack of gum - $.99

Yep, that just about takes care of it.

I would find a girl with an awesome personality but shitty looks and make her my beauty queen. Designed to my exact specifications.


ok josh


I just think it would be a good idea since girls that are actually good looking think they are in an ivory tower.

I just level the playing field.

LOL only a true gearhead would think of a project girl, one that’s a good platform to mod. :lol:

yeah…imagine the possibilities…

A better ride

Better performance

the ability to take more horsepower with a built bottom end

better mileage

new headlights