anyone know anthing bout laptops...

im lookin to get rid of my computer and get a laptop, im lookin at that gateway but idk wats good or not, so if ne1 knows nething bout them or that gateway let me know wats good for around that price

thanks, Chris

there are things called user reviews…and…if you go to buy from best lie take me with you or else they will rape you with shit you don’t need

k ill besure to do so thanks mike

Most laptops aren’t going to vary much between manufacturers, as most of them are going to be based off the same chipset, use a similar screen, etc.

The T2060 is a budget processor (less cache, lower frontside bus, etc), so it’s not going to perform all that terribly well when sacked with Vista.

It’s also got the older GMA950 graphics card, which is painfully slow and won’t play video games very well.

The rest of it looks pretty decent.

Dell’s got a bunch of new ones coming out first week in July that might be worth checking out if you’ve got some time.

you definitely shouldn’t have came to the internet. no useful information here. especially not on that “google” site that I hear all of the kids talking about these days.

hey thanks man i will def. wait to look at the new dells

i kno wat u get paid, u cant afford a laptop… besides ur lap will engulf the machine…

Price range would be nice, anything less then a grand(brand new at least) isnt going to be a raging gaming machine. You need to spend at least 1000- to get a decient laptop IMO.

I would rather have a desktop in the long run. I bought a 17" HP, its pretty slick, but to bulky to cary around.

I use to love my acer. Till my dvd burner stopped reading dvd’s about 7 months later, I burned off over 200 dvd’s in that period, and now recently it stopped reading cds. I’ve only had the laptop for a little over a year. I don’t abuse it and when I’m traveling with it it stays in a very protective camera/laptop bag. I paid a little over a grand.

I would say if you really need a laptop go for a nicer one or just buy one of those cheap $500 ones and then build a killer desktop.

I can’t believe Gateway hasn’t gone out of business yet.


The only reason I have a laptop is my work buys me one.

If you’re going to check out laptops, check out Dell. Not sure where you work, but I know my work has an employee discount program with them. I ended up buying my Dell from a kiosk at Robinson Mall. Show them what the employee discount price is, then ask them if they can beat that price. The guy I talked to at the kiosk was able to beat the employee discount.

Dell Employee Discount Website

You can go through there and browse to see what price you would pay. Be careful as some of the options differ from the normal Dell website. This is also something you can negotiate with the people at the kiosk. If you calculate the lowest price using both the normal and EPP site, they’ll at least match that price.

The guy at the kiosk never asked for my EPP numbers, but if you need one, feel free to ask me and I’ll look up what mine is for work. Should be able to save you a couple hundred depending on what you’re looking to get.

hp>ibm>dell>the rest as far as laptops go

personal opinion…

i dislike anything made my hp these days. ibm is great but way too over priced.

I’m assuming from the page you linked there, it’s “employee of an affiliate”.

That isin’t the actual employee discount that I get. :slight_smile:

OoooOOOoooooOOOOOOoooOo :gives: