Anyone know this car?

Vid in his CL post was taken at Lebanon Valley.

No but i like it

I love it

yep and yep

hmm trade vette plus some $ if needed…




I talked to the guy today and he seems pretty decent. Car seems legit too and has a ton of very high quality parts on it- hence why I was looking into it. I could save $10k versus the route I am planning on going with mine. I’d love to have it, but just don’t see it being feasible with the current state of my project and pockets… If anyone here is looking to get into a fast f-body with high-end parts for a reasonable price, this is an excellent candidate with a negotiable price. The drive train alone costs more than his asking price new…

Get it man !!! I could get your car running again for not much . I have a motor for it , need trans , rear diff really .

do it. people dont get many chances to get their dream car.

not too many cars like that for sale