Anyone who still races (No 1/4 Mile @ Empire Summer '18)


Just a head up Empire is only doing 1/8th mile this season. Outside of a handful specific events where a 3rd party has rented the track.


Really? What’s the reason? I know they were doing some paving recently.




Basically a bunch of bullshit reasons originally all events/Saturdays were going to be 1/8th only with 1/4 test and tune Fridays.

They posted last night 1/8th on for year so pretty much everyone will just goto Lancaster.


Why not TMP? Other than the border, it’s just as close to Buffalo.

Test & tune Friday evening, Saturdays and Sundays:


You could do that…It’s just a pain crossing border/etc.


Well there’s always Lucky’s with the hill!


I think they’ll change their mind when the place is dead a few weeks in a row. Being the only 1/4 mile track in the area I’m sure they attracted a lot of people just for that and now those people have no reason to make the drive.


It really only upsets the test and tune crowd.

The majority of people who race and now the faster street stuff has moved to 1/8th.


My buddy couldn’t believe it when I told him. What’s the general consensus in the racing circles?


People with slow cars were upset?

I guess the MOMS racing events on Fridays bitched enough they got 1/4 mile back so we will see.


So if MOMs is doing 1/4 mile does that mean Friday test and tunes will also be 1/4?


They haven’t said anything else yet…My guess is MOMS is mad because 2/4 classes were 1/4 and the other 2 were 1/8th which was already set earlier in the year.

One of the complaints was how long test and tune runs and not being able to get through all the cars.


They deleted the FB post about the 1/4 only so maybe they are reversing the decision.

My dad and brother race points on Saturday and aren’t happy about the changes since their cars are setup for the 1/4. They heard rumors prior to the season about the points being only 1/8 and neither of them think it makes sense since the 1/4 was a huge bonus over other area tracks. Most of the Saturday racers are in agreement as well and ton are talking about just running at Lancaster. Mostly due to the cluster it was but clearly the change to 1/8 has an impact.

The “get more cars through” thing is the reason they put for the change but they never had a problem with that before. I guess when they went a couple weeks ago the Saturday program wasn’t over until 3am…and they were running 1/8. They were busier than normal (first points race I believe) but they’ve been busier in the past with running 1/4 and have always gotten out of there before midnight. If anything, with cars having the same shut down area 1/8 would actually take longer unless they force cars to exit earlier (they weren’t doing that when they went)

It just don’t make sense. You get rid of the one thing that distinguished you from other tracks in the area. My dad/brother both live in the southern tier and are thinking about making the slightly longer trip to Skyview since from what they’ve heard, it’s run much better. It’s a shame since my dad at least has been racing at Empire forever.


Agreed for most people if you’re only going to run 1/8th just goto Lancaster…I get Empire put a lot of effort into repaving/milling this season but for most its really not worth the extra drive.


Agree with the above 100%. The main draw is 1/4 vs 1/8.


So I’m seeing MOMs stuff all over saying they’re running 1/4 mile there. Is that just for MOMs days or test & tune as well?


MOMS bitched a bunch and they’re allowing 1/4 mile for their events I have no idea about test and tune on those nights.