Are you afraid of heights?


Myself NO. but I used to hang out of a copters with a gunners belt.


Fuck yes.

My legs turn to rubber.

If I’m enclosed, like in an office building looking out, I’m fine.

The second I feel open air + heights, I’m useless.


Afraid? Maybe “aware” is a better term. As in aware that one slip from 30’ and I’m dead. I blame Praxair.


used to be…but I climb industrial chimney’s all the time now. So it’s no biggie.

Actually, the scariest for me has been inside the dam at the New York Power Authority. I was repelling down a 120’ cliff while it is pitch black and all you can hear is little stones falling down into the abyss.

I’ll post up some pictures.

about 95ft:

about 180ft:

this is behind the wall at Power Authority Dam, about 80ft:

about 225ft:

about 400ft:


I’m not a fan of heights… and being who I am, I normally look at crap and see how I could fail… Thus rollercoasters and crap like that I’m very leary of.


I used to rock climb up few hundred foot cliffs and repel down them like there’s no tomorrow and I never had an issue.


I tried fucking a chick on her roof last saturday, I went soft after looking over the edge.


It bothers me at first, but after I’m there for awhile I’m fine. Putting a metal roof on my dad’s barn was fun. 6-12 pitch, 55’ off the ground.


Def not. I’ve done numerous hikes where if I was, I would have shit myself and got into the fetal position.


poll now up. unless your afraid/ aware of heights…


arctan(6/12)=26.56 degrees… pretty steep


When I was younger I was petrified of heights, but now I’m not. It’s weird.

Like ST, doing roofing on stupid pitches makes you not so much of a bitch


cool options :picard:


yeah, nothing like holding a hammer and nailing on a 2x12 on a wall 20’ + up…been there done that…


I want you to know that I don’t put out on the first date… unless you get me really drunk.

You might need to take out a personal loan to accomplish that


:rx3:, i miss you buddy.


So which one of you manly men wants to make a few hundo painting my chimney? :pedo:

Need a chimney painted - who?

I guess I would do it. Only today though, I’m busy every other day.


I’m sure there is a tie off location rated to 5000lbs on your house…

It’s amazing we can walk or even eat on site.
Let alone, hurl steel objects around like its a game.

So what your saying is, that you push back better on a roof?


Sure, i will do it.


I might chip in for this, :redface: