Are you afraid of heights?


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It depends… I checked NO because I snowboard all the time and love flying through the air… But at the same time, leaning over the rail on the ski lift makes me woozie. I guess under my own control I’m not afraid of heights…


YES. I get all nervous and my heart rate goes up. Usually not at small heights, or places I know I won’t fall though.


love em


all depends… lately i overthink everything and that normally makes me get overly concerned.


heights in general not so much but I’m not too fond of ladders.


it doesnt really bother me till it’s way high up.

Such as:
Stratosphere rides in vegas
the top of La Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona.


anyone ever been to the top of the CN tower in Toronto…where they have that glass floor?

I REFUSED to walk over the glass floor. I am a huge pussy about it.


My wife hated it…
I tried to get her to jump up and down on it like silly Americans :slight_smile:


I’ll grab a pic so I can show you the side that looks (to me) like it’s hard to get at. I don’t have a ladder that reaches the top nor a way to get at the house side…

Oh, and if you fall and die I’m dragging you off of my property and hiding the ladder before I call 911.


Is there a flat on the house side, or is it at least centered on the ridge?



I don’t mind heights as long as I am in control. But, when a plane hits an air pocket during take off and drops like 10-15 ft I always get that “holy shit…” feeling.


Depends on the situation. I think that free climbing through areas of say, the grand canyon, is beyond moronic and I get really nervous when friends go into loose gravel areas on mountains or canyons that look like certain death. However I’ve been cliff diving, repelling, etc and none of those bothered me. Nor do high buildings.


Yes, but only after you get to a certain height such as the glass floor at the CN Tower or any of those pictures Lafengas posted. Being on ladders and inside office buildings doesn’t bother me unless of course its Burj Dubai…


Afraid of heights no, afraid of falling due to a lack of proper safety equipment hell yeah.

EX: I would not paint Fry’s chimney either. I have however climbed a 150’ tower and bungee jumped off it with almost no hesitation (first “3-2-1 bungee” countdown I leaned ove the edge but caught myself. Second one I went).

So yeah, I’m more aware of the consequences than afraid of the height.


I built up a small tolerance for heights roofing for a paycheck and carrying 80 pound bundles of shingles 2 stories.



That is the worst part of roofing.
I had too many packs deliverd to my roof and had to get them back down.
After 4 or so, I started dropping them off.



I used to repel down cliffs so being on top of a building doesn’t bother me. Only time I get concerned is if I have the ability to fall off it. Ill stay roped to a structure 300’ off the ground but I am scared as hell to fall off a 6’ ladder.