Are you afraid of heights?


Yup; I completely agree; this is exactly how I am.

I’ll dangle off a 300+’ cliff by a 1/2" diameter climbing rope with no problems… but climbing a 20’ ladder to caulk my 2nd floor windows, and I get shaky and nervous as hell.


Been there done that about 4 times already. Now I’m not one who is scared of heights, but that glass elevator ride up was a little freaky. It feel like you’re in there forever and you keep wondering when is this going to stop?

The glass floor was nothing, there were really young kids jumping on it, old people in wheelchairs rolling across it etc. Definitely cool to visit


I never used to be, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve become more afraid of heights.


I put up trusses, Ive rock climbed, Ive been on the CN tower jumping on the glass floor to mess with my sister (who is terrified of heights and crawled off the glass)

I respect heights but don’t fear them.


Yup…my biggest fear.


same here. I dont have a fear of heights, ill be on a 25 foot ladder almost over extending myself and I am fine. but Idk how I would feel on the edge of a 2-3 story roof with a questionable pitch

easy, I had to stand on the top rung to reach the peak:


I’m petrified of heights, but I’m able to overcome it by not thinking about it. I shake like a leaf climbing a ladder and am like a sloth if I have to adjust my footing or whatever, but when I’m painting I can concentrate on the surface and kinda block it out.


Well being that I work on a ladder everyday, it doesn’t bother me.

I even fell off a ladder and broke my arm, but never thought twice about going back on it once I was healed.


Trying to find a good thread for this video. I guess this is a good place.


I don’t have a fear of heights, I have a fear of falling and what those guys do increases the risk of falling which means I would never ever never ever ever ever be able to do that or even witness someone do it in person.


Because Russia


i couldnt finish watching that. hands were sweating, stomach was turning.




Russian Ninja Warrior


I’m not sure if I can believe this isn’t edited or made to appear as if they’re really where they appear to be. Unless someone fell to their death, then I would believe it.


I finished watching but damn if my hands got sweaty as well lol


That is pretty intense. I don’t have any real fear of heights. I installed Satellite dishes for over 6 years at many ridiculous unsafe heights and was not usually phased. I’ve jumped off Akron Falls, and Sherkston Beaches Cliffs, always enjoy the free fall. What those guys just did though… I never could do that… well maybe with a tether.


I have no sympathy if any one of those retards falls. It can all go bad in a fraction.



Exactly…hanging off of coping stones that were never designed to have 200 lbs hanging off of it…recipe for disaster.


Ehhh, Even if I could do this, I guess I just enjoy my life too much to ever want to.