Are you afraid of heights?




Reminds me of that otherrussian video of the base jumper


Amazing views from up here, especially at night with the clouds:


Pointless, but that’s a lot of meters.


I’m sorry. Why do we need buildings that tall. Please remove this video.


Pretty cool seeing the clouds at night!


it took them all night to climb the stairs…

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“We” don’t…the western world gave up on buildings over maybe 60- 70 stories tall a while ago…WTC not withstanding. it just doesn’t make any economic sense over that height…all for bragging rights


nope. nope. nope. noooope.


More here:


^ FUUUUUCK THAT. I’m scared as fuck of heights



When one of these idiots falls, Cuomo is going to ban tall buildings.



The only way that could’ve turned out better was if he misjudged, hit the dock, went completely through it breaking 89% of the bones in his body…and getting the GoPro back after divers recovered his body.


I’m surprised he went to jump over the dock rather than in between the building and dock, but I guess it worked out in his favor


I like how you believe some form of thought pattern was involved.


I’m pretty sure he intended to land one the other side of the dock, then overshot, and that’s why he hit back first. I doubt he intended to land on his back, bet that hurt like a bitch.



My palms got a little sweaty watching that hang gliding one. Seems like checking the main harness holding your passenger should be a triple check item on the checklist huh?


this one just topped all jackie chan’s stunts