Are you afraid of heights?

gheez, glad he didn’t die.

Spiral wrist fracture and torn tendon on day 1 of vacation though, nice. I smell a lawsuit.

And for once a well deserved one. It’s not like the guy didn’t put down enough salt on his snowy sidewalk after a storm. He failed to connect his tandem hang glider passenger to the damn hang glider.

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He was on an interview yesterday and saying he wasn’t going to sue… but we’ll see how long that lasts. I’m sure there are extra expenses and considerations seeing that it happened not in the US.

and 2 related stories:

That suicide one is so shitty because he did it in a tandem training jump. Just go up alone if you want to do that.

“Good luck on your first solo landing, I’m out!”

The 2nd one I’m not sure how that qualifies as being a hero pilot. They dropped like a stone and one of them got lucky to land on the other? Maybe they’re thinking he purposely put himself between the ground and the passenger? Didn’t look like there was any control once the canopy lines broke though.

Jesus some of the jumps here give me the willys: