ATTN: all that have stuff in my/funky's garage/basement...

make arrangements to pick it up by monday july 31st or its going on ebay (we will keep the money) or in the dumpster. we are vacating the apartment shortly thereafter. PM me or call tom.

Not to sound like a threat… but I’m too lazy to move all my own stuff to a new place let alone 4 other peoples’ stuff…

howie hook me up those wheelz

i call dibbs on the srt10 viper

sorry weve already parted out the viper.

The wheels are yours - I was awaiting a call back from someone that night but it wasn’t until I was working…

I’ll try giving you a call Tom, gonna try to pick up most of it on Sunday (6/26).

bump… some stuff was picked up… lots remaining…

where are you guys moving too now

i dont know about the other guys, but im working on a 3400 sq ft, 7 bedroom place in NF. family room = roughly 800 sq ft, prob a little bigger.

this is the one and only bump. anything left here after august 1st is mine!

howie when can i get those rims niaaaa

You can get the rims wheneeeeever you want

ok well… how bout next weekend



ok i lied, THIS is the LAST bump, next week is august 1st everyone, nothing has moved yet from the garage or basement, so get your shit or its on ebay and im rich bitch!

Yo, Steve

I need you… my car broke again… FUCKING DSM

call my cell y0

you haven’t looked then! got a majority of my crap, just gotta get the motor and the wheels out of the garage… if I can get to them :stuck_out_tongue:

… and a few last things outta the basement