ATTN: BMW noobs and or Benjamin


i have had konis and bilsteins and like like bilsteins better.


Many variables go into that, but to each his own. :slight_smile:


Koni’s are only as good as the person adjusting them


Actually the adjustments are completely arbitrary like all other cheap shocks. Less rebound doesnt always mean less rebound. :lol


at least the ksports havent had the main bracket literally crack and fall off on a couple cars…one incident of failure of the DDM coilovers led to a severe rollover accident.

the worst problems people have with ksports is the camber plates binding up, and the dampers leaking because theyre junk

but like i said, apparently ksport has some 3rd party company in cali that’s doing the rebuilds on the shocks, i heard this from word of mouth and havent found any other info that substantiates that claim though.

the ksports are fine, give me a call when youre working on it eman, ill swing by and help ya out


correct, but being able to feel that and adjust for the differences between shocks. Usually there is a middle 30-50% of valve adjustment that is actually usable.


guys he’s driving up rt 7 and 787 to his meathead job, not fucking squeezing tenths out of WGI.

he just wants to dump his 7k car out so it looks good, while actually having some sort of damping.

trackfags need not apply :tongue


No I mean the shocks’ adjustment is arbitrary. Put a Koni SA (or ANY cheap shock, Koni is the best of the cheap shocks IMO) on a shock dyno and move up through the adjustment range. Start at the softest and move your way to stiffer. As you adjust it stiffer, the shock wont always get stiffer. In some instances it actually gets softer, then jumps back up to stiffer. It’s why dialing in a setup on cheap shocks is a crapshoot at best but always unpredictable and inconsistent.

Below is relatively normal. The cheap shock graphs are all over the place. And if they are fine brand new, they def arent the first time you put weight on them.

I was probably more picky about my adjustable damping on the street than on the track when I’ve had them on DDs. The reason you ricers’/hardparkers’ cars ride so dumpy is you either have shit shocks or dont have them adjusted properly.

Springs are a small part of the equation. You can run stupid stiff springs with good shocks and have it ride better than progressive marshmallow springs on dumpy shocks.

Trackfag or just a street driver, you can tell the difference.

Just my $.02. I’ll shut up now.


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this weekend i will have it on the lift and i will take it out. if its dead, ill buy some new ones. might as well replace both the rears.


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