ATTN: BMW noobs and or Benjamin


JClark forgot to mention he was Benjamin’s first target


is that really the dude that stabbed you?

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ummm, if you want cheap, try ground control. thier pretty decent. Alot of my guys use the e36 ones in e30’s and you can choose your spring rates.


a brand new track/school kit is $1600

that’s not cheap in my book :rofl


Well if it doesnt matter if the shocks function properly or not, why include them at all? Just put springs on the car. That’s way cheaper.


then why are you looking at coilovers? ITS A FUCKING BMW!!!


it’s a fucking 15 year old bmw, these coilover kits are 20-30% of the price of the car itself :rofl

it’s just a car, theyre just shocks.

and if you want to get all “ITS A BMW OMG” then why not replace the suspension with one that was designed by millions of dollars worth of engineering?

IE: stock suspension

why? because its doesnt match the purpose for the vehicle.

ksports do, why?

cheap? check
adjustable? check
easily replaced/repaired for cheap? check


because shitty shocks are still better than no shocks

hurr durr


to the asshats that do not understand what the purpose for this car is. its a daily driver/pussy magnet while my corvette sits in the garage collecting dust and roting away. this car is not intended for any type of race as of right now. so all i want is a cheap set of coilovers to slam the pig and get the pussys wet.

ksports will do just fine as long as there are no more troubles after i fix them. ultimately i would love to turn the car into a stright up road race car but im a baller on a budget and right now…i cant. so…until then… i will keep using the k-sports and these periods…because well…it builds suspence and makes my penis…hard!


i also enjoy male to male bodily fluid exchange


oh, then replace the damn shocks.


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Srs, source oem parts, then cut springs. call it a day. Amsterdam style yo. Your car will handle better and it’ll go faster due to weight reduction. Also, someone of your size should invest in cocaine. It’ll help you cut weight. Then you can be even faster.


dont you have some shoveling to do or something


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Stock cut springs



Umm So why bother with Coilovers? – Just buy lowering springs and some good dampers

I Many of us have been down the road of buying crappy parts to save money and then end up spending money on the good stuff later on. So … if you really need and want coilovers, save a little more and spend money on something that will actually last, work and if desired be able to be sold at the end to get some money back.

Glad the “asshats” could help


If you are thinking of using this car at the track EVER buy the c/os that actually work and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble…

It’s not a 50% price increase we’re talking about here, more like 15-20% if you find a good used set of coilovers. This is more than you’d lose selling / shipping a cheaper set and then trying to source one that actually works for more serious use later on.

As an engineer I thought you’d appreciate the dyno information Jesse pointed out- it helped point me in the right direction.

Good luck.

As for E36 being a pu$$y magnet… Maybe for big broad shouldered Germans that answer to “Helga”…

And some of their women too