ATTN: BMW noobs and or Benjamin


You guys missing the fact that he already has ksports?

He’s spending like a hundred bucks for a new shock and retaining theide height he wants. You guys are suggesting he spend ten times that just because one damper on his existing suspension, which has lasted several thousand miles already, has potentially failed?

I mean, they’re junk…people don’t buy ksports to get top of the line stuff, but there’s nothing dangerous about them, and they allow serious dumpage. Which is the only thing the OP, or anybody who isn’t trying to get everything out of a car, should care about. In my case I bought chinese coilovers over, say, a GC kit simply because a used set is all I could afford, and doesn’t come with any warranty. The stupid chinese coilovers I bought allowed me to pick any spring rate, type, or length, come with a two year warranty, and honestly…I’m probably going to hit something again this year :rofl


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Yes, I’m trying to fit in more here, so I skip unnecessary details like the original post, etc and just respond as if I am the authority on the subject…


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If you’re going to run the car off the bumpstops you need a set of coilovers/dampers designed to run that low. Running dampers in the bottom 15% of it’s travel constantly will overheat and kill them fi the valving is not meant for it, doesn’t matter if it’s a dumpy ksport or baller moton.


pff logic is for suckas

the ksports are adjusted by the threaded body, so doesnt the piston have the same amount of travel, in the same place?


Great point and information, but I think OP has already made up his mind.


if the shock is, say 6" long

and the bracket that the shock threads into is say, 10" long.

for an overall max length of 16"

if you thread the shock body into the bracket, to make it, say 14" overall length for a 2" drop…the actual shock portion is still 6", and still moves throughout the same range, no?


numbers aside, yeah you got the gist of it. Some setups allow you to drop the damper body in a mount or spindle and lower the ride height while keeping the damper valve in the optimal range.


my dumpy chinese ones do

too bad theyll probably start leaking within 10k miles :rofl


they use larger diameter shock piston than stock…but with a smaller shaft…any idea why?

I’d think both would be bigger to support much higher than stock spring rates/forces amirite?


Dont bother, cars dont need functioning shocks. This has been established.

Because they’re dumpy Chinese coilovers.

People make too big a deal out of piston diameter. It’s not a huge deal on cars.


maybe you could, idk, provide some technical insight to my question for once.



Why? Every time I hint at technical info there’s a backlash. You can all go fuck yourselves. :rofl


because this time I’m asking for it, duh


I took my shocks out and put bricks in


fellas, the car was purchased with these shitty coilovers in it!!! i did not buy them. if i had my way, i would have bought the PSS9’s


I feel your pain