ATTN: BMW noobs and or Benjamin

so if some of u dont know, i have K-Sport suspension in the E36 M3. well its not very forgiving and in fact i think the rear drivers side shock is blown. so im looking for a new suspension. i want coilovers and i see that there are a bunch out there. if i can get away with it, i want to spend as little as possible.

DDM Coilover Kit- no idea where to get them but aparently u need to make sure they are the updated version.

B&G coilover- no idea where to get them and no idea if they are good.

PSS9- $1500+ great suspension but dont want to spend that much.

K-sport-expensive and they suck!

so what im asking is your advice as to what suspension i should look at and where i should purchase them from. please feel free to add to the list as well. i will buy used as well so let me know if u see something on the bimmer forums thats an awesome deal.

Do not buy DDM coilovers

wtf is B&G?

pss9’s are tits

this year I am testng my luck with BC Racing BR-Type coilovers. It’s basically the same company that manufactures Apexi world spec coilovers, ksport, megan, all of that. the BC brand however is the ‘pride and joy’ of bcec and the company testing the waters of higher level suspension engineering instead of turning out whatever fits.

theyre around 1k shipped with more options in building them than you or i know what to do with

how much are you looking to spend? H&R coilovers would be perfect for you, very supple and smooth ride, but gives adjustability and a nice drop. spring rates are 36x lb/in, which while seeming low, reall yis perfect for street travel.

they can be had new for around $1200 to your door.

B&G makes some bunk-ass AW11 MR2 shit, dunno if its the same company or not

i love the hard ride. i want to feel every bump but i dont want the clunks. want it slammed like it currently is.

i will call k-sport and ask about a new rear shock first and foremost.

then yeah, the replacement cartridges are cheap and usually in better shape than the new ones that come in the box supposedly

people usually have better/more consistent damping from the rebuilds. supposedly it’s because they’re rebuilt in the US? idk

on the site it says $200-240 per damper. i will do both, but thats $500 for just dampers! wtf?

Find out which ones you need. has those for 150 and 180 shipped.

PSS9 is the only one to consider on that list. Junk coilovers have a terrible street ride, regardless of spring rate, and they simply dont last.

I still think the GC Track/School kit is the best cheap coil for the E36 after all these years. Build your own kit with whatever rate you want and whatever add-ons (camber plates, mounts, whatever). It’s built off a Koni SA, which isnt perfect, but better than all the cheapo junk and has a lifetime warranty.

Definitely +1 on the GC kits, but for his purposes theres nothing wrong with the ksports.

Damn the ksport dampers are that much? what a rip

Except they’re cheap garbage just like the DDMs and all the rest.

link me to GC track shit ur talking about

Ksports are junk. Beefcake get some good shit so I can drift that thing

OR do not get coilovers since you do not need to corner weight the car and go with Bilstein sports and H&R race springs. The car will be low and ride harsher than stock ( but streetable)

u aint drifing anything cheesy nuts

Oh youd think that

Customizable/upgradable anytime and will have a much higher resale value than the other stuff. New springs (to change rates) are stupid cheap too.

if im spending this much, im just going to buy pss9’s for $100 more.

Which would be a poor decision.

If you want to be cheap, do what 91rs13 said and get Bilstein sport shock and slap some springs on them, though I wouldnt recommend the H&R Race.

y would that be a poor decision?

and i just called ksport and they are $120 a piece. so i will take it out this weekend and make sure thats the issue and just go this route.

Because I’d much rather be driving on a Koni SA based setup than a Bilstein PSS, plus the whole customizable/upgradable part and resale. I sold my 2 yr old GC/Koni setup for $1300 when I bought it for $1700 (w/ c plates).