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Why do people not believe in global warming? The entire scientific community is not in on an elaborate lie to scare people.

I do believe in global warming but the big debate is whether or not the changes in the climate have been due to the natural evolution of the earth or if man has had that big of an effect on things.

I think man has accelerated that pace but I also think it would have happened even if we were never on this planet.

That being said, it’s just a t-shirt, it’s just a joke… :burnin:

This thread is going to spiral out of control.

I believe the earth is warming.

I’ll even go so far as to say man has had some impact.

But when you look at what the politicians and media want to do to “solve” it, then look at all the things that produce CO2, you realize that this issue is so far removed from real science it’s impossible to have a rational conversation about it.

It’s a case of correlation does not equal causation. Humans have created more CO2, the earth is warmer, we must be responsible.

There are way more modified imports than their used to be, the earth is warmer, modified imports must be responsible.

Dude, just say, “hahaha, that’s funny, how long does it take to get this thing to my house so I can wear it at the next Democratic National Convention…” and be done with it.

hahaha, that’s funny, how long does it take to get this thing to my house so I can wear it at the next Democratic National Convention.


:lol: 5 stars

zackly… I don’t think anyone really disputes it, but it’s the cause that people don’t agree on (even those in the scientific community don’t see eye to eye on it)

OMG. It’s a VW. I’m seriously thinking about buying this.

What does the shirt say. Either that or rehost the image. All I get are :redx:

Ok, I’m going to order that one. :slight_smile:

Haha, I want this.

Don’t worry I’m not looking to start an e-fight about global warming. Didn’t know it was going to be a touchy subject

Newbs thinking anyone gives a shit is much funnier than the shirt.

Once your post count gets over 100, and the og’s have determined if you’re going to add anything more than OT drama, then I might start caring.

at least i have chicken

such a big meanie, this is why we don’t have more broads on this forum…

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Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the fact that the majority of car enthusiasts are male.

I am so getting this when I get the Elise