Automatic vs. Manual

Which one is better for street racing? I always thought manual was better for racing but people have said a reprogrammed automatic is better. What are some opinions?


manual is 10912302983091283% more fun though

The only problem with a setup AT is that it robs alot of power. I have my setup with paddles on the steering wheel (once it comes out) that is lightning quick. Fully sequential and the whole 9 yards.

dude gustav you dont know what boost is, did you just watch 2F2F or something?

you can’t fuck around mang, you need to read about these things and educate yourself before you get killt

u can never shift an manual as fast as an auto, i dont care what supermen on here think.

auto>drag racing

manual>faggy roll racing


Wow, Kevin, I actually agree with you…

well i am good for some things…lol

Reprogrammed automatic? Maybe you mean something else?

If you’re racing in a straight line from a stop, then auto.

If you’re racing around turns or from a roll, then manual.

A good manual driver can shift just as fast as an auto. But an auto is easier and you can never miss a shift.

Automatic transmission connected to a computer and the codes changed to shift faster.

What I do is ask people so I dont get killed. I get info from forums and then make a decision. I’ve done so much stupid stuff and almost got into some trouble without racing but I might as well have been racing.

yea but in racing you dont just endanger your life, you endanger everyone else around you

:wtf: i sound like jeremy

Isn’t that the other racers fault also? even yourself. obviously im not just gonna go fuck around. everyone has to start somewhere. so why dont you stop all the negative nancy talk and start helping me. I dont see anyone else telling me not to do it but giving me their opinions on the questions at hand.

WELL…a built auto with shift kit…valve body modification…torque converter and hi perf clutches and such is better than a manual for drag racing…a stock auto usually sucks…for example my maxima…my auto was so than shit to shift up or down…i can shift my 5 spd way kwiker than the auto ever would…so it all depends on how much money u got and what types of motor sports u are into


not true, and a “good Manual driver” cannot pick shift points as accuratly


okay dude

its easier to drive an automatic

its more fun to drive a manual. waiting to learn to drive a manual daily untill you are older is gay ( i should know )

unless you are doing very serious dragging on a track, it’ll be worthless for you to get an automatic

get a manual, especially since some cars are standard only, and as you stated before its not like you have a huge budget to work with

Thank you.

If the driver knows exactly where his car makes power, why can’t he?

a built drag auto will ALWAYS shit faster than a manual

no question

humans could not overcome that time lapse of clutch in-shift-clutch out

if this were true every pro drag car would have manual transmissions, instead they have autos with gear selection