Back up and running strong


i guess but the meet cant be mandatory… thats the one thing i hate… mandatory shit. but im down for everyone to get together and see wat we are gonna do




:o word i hear you son well you set up time and date son


Plus you have a great mssg board to discuss issues ;D




this is true… and most of us are on reg.


me and you are holding it down john! :lol


and me … some what… so when are we going to have this meeting?


thats what i was wondering


me too.


ok well lets do this… what day, time is good for everyone this week? we could meet at Fudruckers, Wings and Rings, across the street pub…


you guys pick a time and place and text me cause i dont have the internet at my apt.


sooo yeah what are we going to do about the sticker situation?


+1. me want!!! I know Brian does too.


we can ask dj to print up some stickers we just need to decide on a logo/emblem? and decide on colors… if anybody has any ideas post them up and we will take a vote…


Im down for that.

John take a pic of your new daily!!!


just a sneak peak!!! ;D


nice find. Whats done to the motor?


intake, fluidyne full core rad, omnipower sport coilovers/camber kits (front and rear), function 7 rear lca’s, leather int, rota 16" c-8’s, skunk2 short shifter and knob, also comes with all stock parts and a few other goodies that havent been put on yet!


nice find! who ended up buying the civic?