Back up and running strong

Ok so heres the deal according to alot of people that were in said car club that lasted for a whole i dont know one month lol last summer due to drama that has now i hoped passed dustin said dude we gotta get it back up an running so with the clubs permission i would like to reinstate poor investment into the record books and start it up again this time dustin i think should be the head seeing as he did run the most successful club to date in the upstate region all in favor please voice up!

I would love to see a good solid car club rise again in the 518.

I am down :cool

Anyone else john swifty ??? dustin keep it going cause i want to feel it out cause its pointless with out everyone im friends with

we need everyone

im down as always… i need a new sticker to rep though!

I need one period :lol

You guys need a schedule, planning on show attendance, leaders, ranks to move up on, group activities, general advertisement - word of mouth/shift. Etc.

I could see this going strong and I would love to see a great club rolling in to the lot on occasion.

Jim and Dustin make great leaders.

Clothing helps too.

yes def!!! :+1

ok then more people saying yes the more motivated i become so john your still down? anyone else still down?

im down. We cant just talk about it like we did this spring/early summer :nono

Well somebody has to man up.


Id say next year is the best bet. Too colt out now. :runaway

well yeah next yr… my car has gone 10 miles in the last month so prolly the chill and grill will be the last day it sees sunlight til spring as long as we dont get any snow. im def down to start looking into next yr maybe getting some new vinyls and shit made in some new colors…

Now that Jim doesn’t work at paesans, and josh gets tuesdays off, I think we should be able to come up with some days to go to the wash, lot, and just cruise on nice days :giggedy

yeah def!!!

im down for it



Whats going on? i ready to get this shit started but we need a meeting i cant plan shit or get ready for something without a meeting