Back up and running strong


some kid from albany… i had it on craigslist for 5 min when he called…


nice little daily john!!


thanks it runs awesome!!!


yo i got clear corners for that shit if you want them son!


ill take em and see wat they look lik on it


word ok thats cool man let me know im swinging to my moms house for thanks giving ill pick them up your tires and rims still clean?


oh yeah!!! that stuff works sweet!


BTW i went to and typed in SHOCKER DECAL there was a set of 30 shocker decals for $2.00 that had 4 or 5 different sizes


thats cheap


yea bro


Setup a structure of who’s going to be responsible for what and will actually have the solid motivation to be there everytime when push comes to shove.

Dustin and Jim have been great in that department over the years.

They will be the leaders who can always meet up and make general decisions about the club, which then the rest of the members will be able to decide on.

It’s a lot easier to get two people together then the entire club. Also makes it a lot less trouble free.


i aggree but we need to actually get together and hang again


yeah we do…




yes !!!


So …

Do it

Do it


I think we should all go on a cruise…not too far…but maybe to like Lake george or something…and when the lot comes around again we should all go and rep.


we said that last yr


I know…but we really have too this year…and we at least all have to park next to each other :lol


i would rather not park in the lower lot i dont like to assoc with those ppl