Well i am on my second motor in a month now,first wad due to oil prssure problem and second also. Well i got the new one running today and i have very bad misfires on #1 & #5 real bad. Now when i got the motor it must of been tipped b4 casue i pulled the manis off and a lil bit of oil came out of one. Now the motor is running like shit after the first satrt up,left it runnig for a lil bit to check my oil pressure on AM gauge and fine(60) pounds. Ran rough so i scanned it and found the misfires. Now i changed the coil pack,moved wires around,stole wires form the impala and put on,changed plugs and changed fuel injectors 1 and 5. No help… Now in this motor b4 i put it in i threw in a cam,springs and rollmaster set,timing is set up right and put it back together. Pullef first plugs off after 10 mins of running at idle and two were lil wet so i replaced em,no avail! So what could be causing this? :stick:

left u a reply on if need to call me later today.

Compression check and leak down check

thats what i would do,

remember you always used to harass me about blowen shit up, haha…

did u fix it yet? i called u before to see if u needed help but ur loser ass never called back lol. by the way im leaving in the morning for camp 2 cut grass

I found a leak from the throttle body to supercharger,coolant runs through both,it wnet into my SC and down the drafts. That might be y i had bad misfires on 1 and 5. Went to retap it casue it was loose(throtle body stud) and it was a dissaster. Time for a new SC housing and SC rebuild. Coolant in the motor=spun bearing so i have to cleanse the motor too which menas,SC off,LIM off and clean oil through passages. So who knows now…BURN IT!

Hey devin I may have some parts for ya Ill know later today if I get the car I want all I have to say is fuck v6 motors I like my v8:boink

LOL…now what?..i,ll call u later sammy.