Since it is the 15th anniversary of the forum…can we change the banner to reflect that?


It should have a picture of houses, babies, and minivans.




Speak for yourself!



Good point though, I’ll look for the graphic file.


Lol. I will say, there seems to be a little bit of a car revival in the air


Finally the OGs have enough $ to toy with after they did the house and kids and minivan thing haha

Its much cooler with nicer cars


Forums are dying sadly.


I think it has always been strongly car-centric here…things in life are often cyclical…

I still feel I am just as much in to cars as I ever was…just in a totally different way…if that makes any sense…



But I am much more interested in doing “better” meets and activities than standing in parking lots all night.

So I will always be in to cars with our without forums, just wish it was as interesting around here.


Just got my first van a few months ago. Not for babies or any of that shit though.


I will always love this place, however.


This one?


True story. I have more cars than ever! I did have a dry spell when I got married, had a kid, and built a house all in about 2 years. :smiley:


Ugh, I wish. But nope, an 01 odyssey.