When UBRF died...

Any OG’s remember how UBRF basically became nothing but classified posts before it died? I stayed away from nyspeed since Thursday night until about 8:30 today and after going through 8 pages of new posts I’ve come to realize 90% of the traffic here is classifieds now. Not a good sign.

its been beautiful outside, most people are out enjoying the few nice days we may have this year.

Meh, the weather has been sort of nice lately and it’s a holiday weekend.

Should have logged in over the weekend to create some new automotive posts.:dunno:

Also wedding season… 1 down …3 more to go…FML

sorry about my last two classified posts…?

I was on earlier today, any not much activity at all… People are out with their families and shit. Not to mention the amazing few days of sun we’ve had.

Karter? Is that you?! :slight_smile:

It was a busy travel & holiday weekend, great weather, car people were out driving their cars instead of being on the internet, etc.

People have been predicting the end of this forum since it started, lol.


There was a UBRF meet on Saturday…

forum classified is seasonal just like the garage/yard sale.

It was way too nice to be on here/connected to any device.

I have to say though, I kind of agree. I was off this site for about 8 months just because I became bored with it. This site will not grow like it did in the beginning for one main reason, the flaming of the new members. To many sac riders of certain individuals flame people when they sign up because they do not have “cool cars”. How many times have people signed up here hoping for wisdom and they get “you have a xxxx, thats gay, lame, POS” etc. If you dont believe me, read threw the new to website section and see all the flaming. You are killing your own sport/site.

Had anyone read my sig of late?

Our main problem is that we are not model, make specific like so many successful forums. We are just regional enthusiasts, which makes for a difficult time finding common ground between such a vast membership. Expansion into Canada and PA only made it more difficult in my opinion.

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Also, most of those “OGs” are now middle aged homeowners with kids. That doesn’t really help.

It’s kind of funny that I’m new here and I noticed the same thing. Whenever I click on “What’s New” all I see is someone selling rims or some Acura Integra for way too much money.

are you saying that everyone is heading to nyshooters.net? :wink:

the classifieds are ma shit

Haha that’s what I took away from that comment too…

nyspeeds not dying! i just put my nyspeed sticker on my siqqqq 97 blazer. it’s still alive!

Truth ^

I wouldn´t say we´re all middle-aged yet…