What Would YOU Like to See From NYSpeed.com?

You, the privelaged few who are allowed to post before the ‘Grand Opening’ so to speak, what would you suggest for site additions? What do you think would make people come here and talk about cars? What are we doing that is positive? What are we doing that’s negative? Thanks for your input.


Definitely having a “garage” or whatever for cars pictures vids etc. I know this is more bandwidth, but I would rahter pay a small fee per year and have that, because it makes it so much betta!

Yeah…I know a few other boards have a multimedia forum for all vids…car/funny/naked ladies…Dont know what it costs to tack that on…but it always seems to have the most views.

PM sent Matt…

as most people are saying…a spot for vids…pics…yada yada…other forums i’m on have something like that…it’s usually attracts most attention…

i mean vids

I WAS just thinking maybe a color scheme not-so-similar to UBRF but I hit refresh and it all changed…for the better :slight_smile:

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m workin’ on it y0

I noticed that the Smileys have improved some, but heres a few more i thought were kinda cool…


A moratorium on “I got pulled over for [insert dumb act here]” threads…

Id like to see a memeber cutoff at like #2000 or so.


I think it should have been invite only


I think it should be a .org, .com is so passe. :wink:

How about a logo? I never get in trouble for making logos for other forums (it should be “fora,” but no one would realize that, except me).

Oh wait, I did get in trouble for that before. :confused:

Hah, we have a logo post in this forum, we picked one, but new ones are never going to be refused to be looked at…