Baseball / Softball team thread for Shift518

so the list so far is me, kdubs +3 of her homies, and celtic1982whatevertherrestofthisscreennameisicantremembersorry.

anybody else definite? pm me if so!

sunday 2pm, schalmont.

Im in pending kids soccer game time…

pm me when its definite homie! :thumbup

So 6 ppl are def… We need at least 4 more to make this happen…

travis just pm’d me, hes also in. that’s 7

im def in

damn just need 2 more…

Celtic is bringing his cousin…that’s 9!

we should try to get at least 12 people

im def in and have two possibles if their gf’s give alil slack in the leash

so we are at 10 def. Are their any other girls besides myself and 1 gf?

my gf will come, probably not play

tracey is gonna go too i think, but i dont think shell play. she can bs with ur girl Paul.

jordy might come and play wayne

Weather is perfect… says it should be 66 out!

seeing as i dont know how to get there… and i suck with directions… anyone comming from the northern regions willing to let me ride down with them?

does your phone have GPS?

from the northway…go 90west to exit 24a? (rotterdam) towards i-88, take first exit just past the toll booth. left off the exit. goto the light take another left. drive 1/2 mile and schalmont is on your right.

Will try not to get lost lol