because the current gto is a grand prix, and the 08 concept is a galant....

so i modified the woodward gto into something more worthy of the name, the current one looks more like it should be called a lemans :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m driving a Grand Prix ??? I could swear the rear wheels spin when I get on it. Do your homework. It’s got nothing to do with a Grand Prix other than they both share the Pontiac name.

Your right, its not a grand prix, its an oversized cavalier. JK :). But you have to admit the gto the grand prix and the g6 look very similiar.

dont get me wrong, the GTO is a great car, but considering the old concept car that pontiac had out in the 90’s … the current model doesnt impress me as being a GTO … its just … pontiac looking …

just like how even the chevy ssr got that stupid grill bar that even the cav’s use across the taillights, the gto got the pontiac family grill … i dont get it

but that said, the current GTO is a nice start … i just want the new one to look more retro … make the thing look good enough to be sitting under the tiger in the old gto ads !

There will never be a replacement for the old GTO. Ford got it right with the Mustang but GM has always had their heads up their asses.

As for it looking like a Grand Prix ? Rob has it right, I like to think of it as a Cavy on steroids. The styling sucks balls, but the interior and performance more than make up for it. It is a very fun car to drive.

less galant, more 05 eclipse… but bigger

first thing i thought when i saw the 08 gto rendering was galant … and while i like the look of the galant, i like that look to stay on the galant also

and while porsche is using their suv’s to raise capital to build their cars, gm should be doing the same

and while there will never be a replacement for the old gto, the least they could do is build something that VISUALY carrys on the name well

Actually in the near future the GP will be RWD with a V6 or V8, and the GTO will be getting a whole new platform. Will GM get it right? I doubt it, they have never been able to, hopefully they don’t ruin the F-bods when they bring them back

You do know the GTO is just a remarked/rebadged Monaro. The gp’s came from the old grand am’s from the early 90’s. So blame the people who bought them, they made it popular. Also every car company had a style that they follow. The picture you have of the GTO has been out for ever. Dont expect any concept to look like the production.

that picture i posted ? the one i photochopped myself to give myself more practice chopping cars ?

other versions have been around … but not that one

That photoshopped version you made is sweet as hell! Me likes it! For some reason the passenger grille is cut off, can you post a new full version?

I thought “GTO” on the old ones was technically the trim level of the Tempest Le Mans, much like the “GTP” on a Grand Prix. :confused:

it was, then it was its own model, then it went back to a trim level.

tempest … theres the other name i was trying to think of but was to lazy to search for, lol

the grill is cut off on purpose, because i wasnt feeling like changing both sides every time i swicthed how i wanted to do it

ill do a full front later on some time when i get the time

doesnt look quite right, but it will do for now

Great…the dude driving is sporting a mullet. lol

i like butch’s better than that…the big grills just dont look right with the rest of the car

good spot man, ill have to take care of that when i get my pc up and running again

and yea, i realive that the current car is to round to work well w/ the large grills …but a slightly boxier shape w/ the cokebottle sides would rock IMO

I like it