Beer study

Yesterday, after extensive testing, scientists revealed that beer contains small traces of female hormones… yes, it’s true.

To prove their theory, the scientists had 100 men consume 12 bottles of beer.

They then observed that 100% of them:

1: Gained weight.
2: Talked excessively without making sense.
3: Became emotional.
4: Called home just to see if anyone called.
5: Couldn’t drive.
6: Went to the bathroom in groups.
7: Rearranged the furniture for no apparent reason.

No further testing is planned.

Zer0daze. when drunk, is a prime example of these findings


everyone point and laugh at the drunk

yea thats really cool.
i bet it feels good doesnt it?
pointing out the faults of others.
i bet you’re feeling a lot better about yourself now.
i hope you sleep better tonight knowing how much better you are than me.

I never said that I don’t do that

I don’t think i’ve ever re-arranged furniture tho…

Nor do i call home

i have re-arranged furniture. gennerally when i fall over it, it gets moved.
but i dont call home… i dont even have a home phone

My boobs got bigger as well. I love it.

But thats one of the traits the chicks usually don’t get.

Also, their boobs seem to be bigger when i drink… but when i’m sober again… they go away



edit- i wonder if this explains why my asshole is bleeding when i wake up

I am easy when I am drunk :shy:

LOL Good find.


it’s a conspiracy… and all woman are behind it

yeah ya are.

and kinky too

lol…im just a goofy hick when im drunk.

All drinking does anymore is get me to normal…





:rofl: at this thread
lol if beer is that bad, image the guys who drink all those mike’s lemonade and bacardi silver etc…

I get really gay when im drunk…

ask howie :wink:

^^ you and lemons are perfect together when you are drunk. noone else has to be the designated ‘make-out with ian/lemons’ guy when you 2 are together.