Beyond Burgers vs. Real Burgers

There is no comparison, just had them last night.

Overall rating - 3/10, would not buy again.
Cost - Expensive AF. $6 for 2 tiny burgers - 3/10
Smell - Take off the packaging and prepare to vent your house - 1/10
Taste - You can’t fool me, but they’re okay and definitely edible - 5/10

That’s all I can say. Good for vegans and vegetarians so they can eat burgers at restaurants with their friends and don’t have to have a salad or sit home with their tofu.

I found out about these because of the hype and apparently the company has a HUGE IPO coming.

Dude, this cannot replace regular hamburgers. If you say it can I will direct you to a real burger establishment or you’re just trying to be everyone’s friend.


Good review, would read again. lol

Vegans/vegetarians that want to eat burgers…maybe they should just eat a fucking real burger? Why fool yourself?

Honestly I’m sure the Impossible Whopper will taste damn good, probably from all the other shit on the “burger” masking the true taste.

I was listening to some talk today about Beyond Burgers being “the future” on a finance show… :expressionless:

I may not like this burger, but there’s no doubt that as time goes on, they’ll develop better burgers and hey maybe it’ll be identical or even better than beef.

Eventually it turns identical to beef just grown in a lab. Then veganism comes full circle, lol.

Yea, I don’t really care if it’s real or not as long as the taste/texture is there.

and it has to have bacon.

For sure. If it can’t fool me and it’s delicious while being healthier I’m down. But the burgers I bought were incredibly expensive for what you got. They have to work on the price.

i’ll give them a try when convenient. I guess they have to start somewhere and if they end up being genuinely good i’ll have them.

However, I really prefer that some other living creature has to suffer for my pleasure when i consume food. if there is no death involved is just tastes so much worse.

I trust that an animal was raised long enough and healthy enough on it’s own accord to be killed and butchered for my consumption. I do NOT trust a “laboratory” and scientists to make “beef” because…well let’s take a look at big pharma and how they definitely don’t fuck people over ethically, financially…

I gave them a shot. Easy to overcook, but if they’re not, I thought they were pretty decent. I heard the spicy sausages (ba doom psh) are supposed to be way better, so I’ll try that as well.

Don’t think I’d ever be willing to give up meat, but the alternatives at least keep getting better.

So Little Caesars is now doing a beyond meat pizza… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Jesus the horror

When you have shitty pizza you’ve got to try anything to get people to come back and see if it’s still shitty.

Always looks better in pictures

If anyone in Buffalo orders that over literally ANY pizza in WNY…