Biden botches hurricane Ida response

The storm is still 3 days away but I figured we could get out ahead on this one and get the thread up and start ripping Biden now since it’s pretty much inevitable that he fucks this up somehow.


On track to hit NO as a major, wouldnt take much to make this worse than Katrina. Still pretty far away from that though.

And my guess is it hits the gulf and everyone is “shocked how fast this intensified to a cat 4-5”. The last couple that have gone through the gulf have been the same way. Predicted to be a cat 3 and then ended up a 4 or 5 really quickly. It’s like the models forget that the gulf waters are 88 degrees right now.


If the current track verifies the entire storm surge will funneled right into NO.

Personally I feel it will be a 2 or 3 when it makes landfall. The 4 or 5’s usually have already developed into a 1… maybe 2 before entering the Gulf. Just more of a developed rotation before hitting the Gulf. I could be totally wrong. I’ll have to see if I can find a site that shows all the paths of previous hurricanes and the strengths where they were located.

Heres a good graphic someone posted to AmericanWX

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Looks like the current path is kind of a similar one to this which I do see grew pretty rapid and got pretty strong.

The gulf is a hurricane breeding monster. The Caribbean waters are warm too but there are tons of islands that every time a hurricane crosses one it looses strength. The gulf is just one giant expanse of warm water.

Just so everyone has the info on Hurricane Laura. It was about this time in 2020 as this model shows from 8/20 to 8/29.

intentional chaos

So with the group I’m in at work, we deal with barges of damaged/off spec commodities in the New Orleans area. We currently have a bunch of sold barges right now sitting in Garyville, LA and really wondering what’s going to happen there. It has our manager a little stressed. The products are heat damaged dried distillers grains and heat damaged corn gluten feed pellets. He’s worried about 1. the neglect of the product could cause it to reheat and damage more than it is. 2. the hurricane destroying or causing damage to the barges or the grains inside the barges.

This is going to be interesting to see what happens. The positive is that sometimes this produces more barges for us because of barges with good product being neglected and heating up and or getting exposed at all to the elements, it becomes a salvaged situation which we can take over.

Check out how much it has organized today.

It’s almost as if the set of storms that are hitting New Orleans right now based on how all the movement looks on that site, it seems Ida is heading in that exact same direction.

Edit: I know the models are showing that as well, but visually you can see it.


Also, sorry ahead of time if I spam this shit out of this thread. I’m a huge weather nerd. I think part of it was growing up with boats all my life and you really have to learn to be your own weatherman out on the water.

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Called it. 150mph cat 4 as of 7am. Cat 4 is 130-156 so that’s a very strong 4.


Holy shit:

Lots of damage

Well… just waiting on word back from our contact in Garyville but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be good. It sounds like all of the barges broke free. Some of the tops on the barges blew off exposing the commodities to the elements. Not only that, I’m finding out now that the eye of the store went right through Garyville as well. (Next to Laplace, LA) From what has been reported so far, 100s of barges have broken free and are drifting right now from all over. Seeing the link I posted above about the video with the ship drifting into another, I’m sure that happen all up and down the Mississippi river in that area.

This is the path the hurricane took.

This is where Garyville is located.